Blood transfusion safety

Global Collaboration for Blood Safety (2000–2010)

The Global Collaboration for Blood Safety (GCBS) provided a mechanism for WHO collaboration from 2000–2010 and has now been replaced by new mechanisms, including the WHO Global Blood Safety Network and the WHO Global Forum for Blood Safety.

The Global Collaboration for Blood Safety (GCBS) was a WHO-convened forum, and was a voluntary partnership of internationally recognized organizations, institutions, associations, agencies and experts from developing and developed countries that are concerned with the safety and availability of blood transfusion.

The GCBS was established in response to the declaration of the Paris AIDS Summit (1994). The declaration recognized that all governments have a strong interest in global blood safety, given the scale of movement across national boundaries, both by individuals and by plasma and plasma-derived medicinal products. It identified the need to strengthen international collaboration for blood safety and foster cooperative partnerships to ensure blood safety in all countries, recognizing that many developing countries will be unable to make their full contribution towards this goal without increased external resources.

In 1995, in resolution WHA48.27, the Forty-eighth World Health Assembly welcomed the Paris AIDS Summit declaration and invited governments that had not already signed the declaration to do so. The GCBS was established with the mission to promote the harmonization of all efforts to improve global blood safety and avoid the duplication of activities. The GCBS draws on the experience and expertise of its members to promote dialogue on blood safety issues and practical mechanisms to improve blood and blood product safety.

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