Blood transfusion safety

GCBS Mission

The mission of the Global Collaboration for Blood Safety is to promote and strengthen international collaboration on the safety of blood products and transfusion practices.

GCBS Goals

The goal of GCBS is to improve collaboration between organizations, agencies and institutions involved in the safety of blood products and transfusion practices, with a view to:

  • Encouraging and facilitating information exchange;
  • Promoting standards for good manufacturing practices for blood and related products for transfusion;
  • Fostering the establishment of cooperative arrangements aimed at promoting the safety of blood donors and recipients of blood in all countries;
  • Promoting the safety, adequacy and quality of blood and blood products.
GCBS Objectives
  • International consensus on essential principles of global blood safety;
  • Encouraging the recognition and establishment of national blood programmes;
  • Identifying priorities for the prevention of transfusion-related disease;
  • Implementation of appropriate and recognized transfusion practices which ensure donor and recipient safety and are free from discrimination;
  • Effective recruitment of safe donors through the use of appropriate selection criteria;
  • Assuring quality and safety in the preparation of blood and blood products;
  • Safe international practices for the collection, storage and transport of plasma and the preparation and distribution of its derivatives;
  • Bi-directional traceability of blood products between the donor and recipient, whether in-country or across national borders;
  • Promoting evidence-based use of blood and blood products;
  • Exchange and use of information by encouraging the collection, management and dissemination of data.