Blood transfusion safety

Blood donation

Voluntary blood donation

Blood transfusion safety

Aide-mémoire: blood safety for national blood programmes
Prevention of health care-associated HIV infection flyer

National blood transfusion services

Education and training in blood transfusion safety

Establishing a distance learning programme in blood safety: a guide for programme coordinators

Testing of donated blood

Processing of donated blood

Aide-mémoire: safe blood components
Aide-mémoire: Blood cold chain
The blood cold chain: guide to the selection and procurement of equipment and accessories
Manual on management, maintenance and use of blood cold chain equipment

Quality management programme

Aide-mémoire: Quality systems for blood safety
External quality assessment of transfusion laboratory practice
Quality Network newsletters

Safe and rational clinical use of blood

Aide-mémoire: Clinical use of blood
Aide-mémoire: Clinical transfusion process and patient safety
Developing a national policy and guidelines on the clinical use of blood: recommendations
Clinical use of blood: information sheet
The clinical use of blood in obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery and anaesthesia, trauma and burns: module
The clinical use of blood handbook

Global Collaboration for Blood Safety

GCBS reports

Global Database on Blood Safety

Global Database questionnaire
Global Database summary report, 1998–1999

World Health Assembly/Executive Board Resolutions on blood safety:

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