R&D Blueprint

A. Improving coordination and fostering an enabling environment

The Blueprint will establish a Global Coordination Mechanism (GCM) to facilitate a regular dialogue among main stakeholders for both R&D preparedness and response. A first roundtable organized by Chatham House on November 10 in collaboration with WHO, the Wellcome Trust and other key actors, has concluded that such a coordinating mechanism was needed and that WHO should take the lead in making this a reality. Terms of Reference for the GCM will be discussed with a larger group during the first trimester of 2017. Through the GCM, WHO will collaborate with partners engaged in similar activities. For example, there is already a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WHO and CEPI to collaborate on vaccine R&D for the Blueprint priority diseases. An MOU with GloPID R is being prepared to facilitate collaboration with funders of research on emerging diseases. The Blueprint will also facilitate the compilation and maintenance of an interactive list of key stakeholders (by areas or diseases of interest and current participation in collaborative networks) and a database of research preparedness resources that will be integrated into the WHO Global Health R&D Observatory. In addition, we are preparing a guidance document on Good Participatory Practices for clinical research in an epidemic context accompanied with a practical checklist to facilitate use by researchers in the field.

This area of work is comprised of three workstreams (see details below):

  • Global coordination mechanism
  • Funding
  • Communication

Global coordination mechanism




  • 1. Global coordination mechanism
  • 2. Funding
  • 3. Communication
  • 1. Disease prioritization
  • 2. Roadmaps & Target product profiles
  • 3. Regulatory & Ethical pathways
  • 1. Clinical trial designs
  • 2. Data & sample sharing