Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Delays in legislation slow the progress of CME in India

Continuing Medical Education in India news feature 82(2)

Dear Editor - Apropos news "Delays in legislation slow the progress of CME in India", this is to say that besides the progression of CME at a snail's pace due to delay in legislation, the altogether absence of legislation is hampering the true development of optometry in India.

Optometry was introduced in India as far back as in the year 1958, yet legislation has not so far been introduced to regulate its practice in the hands of those qualified. Consequently, entry into the profession is open to any Tom, Dick and Harry, making a mockery of the 2-year Diploma and 4-year Degree courses that are currently available at over 100 institutions.

As elsewhere, qualified primary eye care is very much the need of the people of India, and earlier the legislation is introduced the better it will be in the interest of people's visual welfare.

Dr. Narendra Kumar Editor, Optometry Today, C4F/216 Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058, India. Email: kumars@vsnl.com