Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Most downloaded articles 2004-2011

2005 - Volume 83


  • 83(12)895
    pdf, 174kb

    Evidence-based reproductive health care in Cameroon: population-based study of awareness, use and barriers
    - Alan TN Tita, Beatrice J Selwyn, D Kim Waller, Asha S Kapadia, & Sylvestre Dongmo


  • 83(11)820
    pdf, 253kb

    WHO study on Prevention of REcurrences of Myocardial Infarction and StrokE (WHO-PREMISE)
    - WHO-PREMISE (Phase I) Study Group


  • 83(10)722
    pdf, 58kb

    Health statistics: time to get serious
    - Kenji Shibuya, Suzanne Scheele, & Ties Boerma


  • 83(9)677
    pdf, 290kb

    Health promoting schools: an opportunity for oral health promotion
    - Stella Kwan, Poul Erik Petersen, Cynthia M. Pine, & Annerose Borutta



  • 83(7)483
    pdf, 47kb

    Antiretroviral regimes for preventing HIV infection in infants
    - René E. Ekpini & Charles Gilks


  • 83(6)409
    pdf, 1.05Mb

    No cry at birth: global estimates of intrapartum stillbirths and intrapartum-related neonatal deaths
    - Joy Lawn, Kenji Shibuya, & Claudia Stein


  • 83(5)329
    pdf, 217kb

    Evaluating the impact of the HIV pandemic on measles control and elimination
    - R.F. Helfand, W.J. Moss, R. Harpaz, S. Scott, & F. Cutts


  • 83(4)315
    pdf, 75kb

    Mass campaigns versus general health services: what have we learnt in 40 years about vertical versus horizontal approaches?
    - Anne Mills


  • 83(3)210
    pdf, 252kb

    Poverty, child undernutrition and morbidity: new evidence from India
    - Shailen Nandy et al.


  • 83(2)118
    pdf, 305kb

    The global distribution of risk factors by poverty level
    - Tony Blakely et al.


  • 83(1)71
    pdf, 190kb

    Mental and social health during and after acute emergencies: emerging consensus?
    - Mark van Ommeren, Shekhar Saxena & Benedetto Saraceno