Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Most downloaded articles 2004-2011

2004 - Volume 82


  • 82(12)947
    pdf, 157kb

    Health in the developing world: achieving the Milennium Development Goals
    - Jeffrey D. Sachs


  • 82(11)815
    pdf, 171kb

    Has the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement in Latin America and the Caribbean produced intellectual property legislation that favours public health?
    - Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira et al.


  • 82(10)724
    pdf, 291kb

    Bridging the implementation gap between knowledge and action for health
    - Andy Haines, Shyama Kuruvilla, & Matthias Borchert


  • 82(9)683
    pdf, 169kb

    Eradication versus control: the economics of global infectious disease politics
    - Scott Barrett


  • 82(8)580
    pdf, 121kb

    Public-private mix for DOTS implementation: what makes it work?
    - Knut Lönnroth et al.


  • 82(7)482
    pdf, 55kb

    Tackling health inequalities: new approaches in public policy
    - Jeanette Vega & Alec Irwin


  • 82(6)454
    pdf, 349kb

    Effectiveness of condoms in preventing sexually transmitted infections
    - King K. Holmes, Ruth Levine, & Marcia Weaver


  • 82(5)323
    pdf, 99kb

    Signs of illness in Kenyan infants aged less than 60 days
    - Mike English et al.


  • 82(4)251
    pdf, 242kb

    Current and future worldwide prevalence of dependencey, its relationship to total population, and dependency ratios
    - Rowan Harwood, Avan Aihie Sayer, & Miriam Hirschfeld


  • 82(3)164
    pdf, 273kb

    Are WHO/UNAIDS/UNICEF-recommended replacement milks for infants of HIV-infected mothers appropriate in the South African context?
    - P.C. Papathakis & N.C. Rollins


  • 82(2)141
    pdf, 566kb

    Uncertainty and the welfare economics of medical care
    - Kenneth J. Arrow


  • 83(1)3
    pdf, 121kb

    Search for poliovirus carriers among people with primary immune deficiency diseases in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom
    - Neal A. Halsey et al.