Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Bulletin's most downloaded articles 2012

2012 - Volume 90


  • 90(12)878
    pdf, 1.21Mb

    Lead exposure from soil in Peruvian mining towns: a national assessment supported by two contrasting examples
    - Alexander van Geen, Carolina Bravo, Vladimir Gil, Shaky Sherpa & Darby Jack


  • 90(11)854
    pdf, 762kb

    Assessing implementation mechanisms for an international agreement on research and development for health products
    - Steven J Hoffman & John-Arne Røttingen


  • 90(10)739
    pdf, 840kb

    The impact of new tuberculosis diagnostics on transmission: why context matters
    - Hsien-Ho Lin, David Dowdy, Christopher Dye, Megan Murray & Ted Cohen


  • 90(9)685
    pdf, 9.16Mb

    The impact of health insurance in Africa and Asia: a systematic review
    - Ernst Spaan, Judith Mathijssen, Noor Tromp, Florence McBain, Arthur ten Have & Rob Baltussen


  • 90(8)578
    pdf, 2.55Mb

    Regional disparities in the burden of disease attributable to unsafe water and poor sanitation in China
    Elizabeth J Carlton, Song Liang, Julia Z McDowell, Huazhong Li, Wei Luo & Justin V Remais


  • 90(7)479
    pdf, 653kb

    Tracking global funding for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases
    - Amitava Banerjee


  • 90(6)402
    pdf, 613kb

    Getting research into practice: primary care management of noncommunicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries
    - John Walley, Kirstie Graham, Xiaolin Wei, Kirti Kain & Rachel Weston


  • 90(5)332
    pdf, 807kb

    E-health in low- and middle-income countries: findings from the Center for Health Market Innovations
    - Trevor Lewis, Christina Synowiec, Gina Lagomarsino & Julian Schweitzer


  • 90(4)246
    pdf, 602kb

    The WHO research agenda for influenza: two years later
    - Michael L Perdue & Tim Nguyen


  • 90(3)158
    pdf, 676kb

    Shortages of medicines: a complex global challenge
    - Andy Gray & Henri R Manasse Jr


  • 90(2)111
    pdf, 1.20Mb

    Surveillance of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance in the world: an updated analysis, 2007–2010
    - Matteo Zignol et al.


  • 90(1)55
    pdf, 763kb

    Health research systems: promoting health equity or economic competitiveness?
    - Bridget Pratt & Bebe Loff