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Available online 6 October 2015:


  • ID: BLT.14.147702
    pdf, 639kb

    An insecticide-treated bed net campaign and childhood malaria in Burkina Faso
    - Valérie R Louis, Anja Schoeps, Justin Tiendrebéogo, Claudia Beiersmann, Maurice Yé, Marie R Damiba, Guang Y Lu, André H Mbayiha, Manuela De Allegri, Albrecht Jahn, Ali Sié, Heiko Becher & Olaf Müller
  • ID: BLT.14.142604
    pdf, 252kb

    Facility-based active management of the third stage of labour: assessment of quality in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa
    - Linda Bartlett, David Cantor, Pamela Lynam, Gurpreet Kaur, Barbara Rawlins, Jim Ricca, Vandana Tripathi & Heather E Rosen on behalf of the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care Study Group of the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program
  • ID: BLT.14.145623
    pdf, 161kb

    Using patient-held records to evaluate contraceptive use in Malawi
    - Aisha NZ Dasgupta, Ruth Ngwalo, Keith Branson, Levie Gondwe, Frank Taulo, Bagrey Ngwira, Basia Zaba & Amelia C Crampin
  • ID: BLT.14.146274
    pdf, 530kb

    Cost–effectiveness of a comprehensive programme for drug-resistant tuberculosis in China
    - Christopher Fitzpatrick, Zhang Hui, Wang Lixia, Li Renzhong, Ruan Yunzhou, Chen Mingting, Zhao Yanlin, Zhao Jin, Su Wei, Xu Caihong, Chen Cheng, Timothy Alston, Qu Yan, Lv Chengfei, Fu Yunting, Huan Shitong, Sun Qiang, Fabio Scano, Daniel P Chin & Katherine Floyd
  • ID: BLT.15.154161
    pdf, 160kb

    Mortality from tuberculosis in Shanghai, China: a longitudinal study
    - Weibing Wang, Qi Zhao, Zhengan Yuan, Yihui Zheng, Yixing Zhang, Liping Lu, Yun Hou, Yue Zhang & Biao Xu


  • ID: BLT.15.154492
    pdf, 311kb

    Tuberculosis control in China: use of modelling to develop targets and policies
    - Hsien-Ho Lin, Lixia Wang, Hui Zhang, Yunzhou Ruan, Daniel P Chin & Christopher Dye
  • ID: BLT.14.146027
    pdf, 89kb

    Evidence on global medical travel
    - Kai Ruggeri, Ladislav Záliš, Christopher R Meurice, Ian Hilton, Terry-Lisa Ly, Zorana Zupan & Saba Hinrichs
  • ID: BLT.14.151167
    pdf, 91kb

    Rapid diagnostic tests for malaria
    - Theodoor Visser, Jennifer Daily, Nora Hotte, Caitlin Dolkart, Jane Cunningham & Prashant Yadav


  • ID: BLT.14.145649
    pdf, 125kb

    Tuberculosis in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti
    - Serena P Koenig, Vanessa Rouzier, Stalz Charles Vilbrun, Willy Morose, Sean E Collins, Patrice Joseph, Diessy Decome, Oksana Ocheretina, Stanislas Galbaud, Lauren Hashiguchi, Julma Pierrot & Jean William Pape
  • ID: BLT.14.144071
    pdf, 75kb

    Improving paediatric asthma care in Zambia
    - Somwe Wa Somwe, Emilia Jumbe-Marsden, Kondwelani Mateyo, Mutale Nsakashalo Senkwe, Maria Sotomayor-Ruiz, John Musuku, Joan B Soriano, Julio Ancochea & Mark C Fishman
  • ID: BLT.14.153684
    pdf, 55kb

    Implementation of information and communication technologies for health in Bangladesh
    - Sheik Mohammed Shariful Islam & Reshman Tabassum
  • ID: BLT.15.158089
    pdf, 638kb

    Exposure during a mass gathering in the Philippines
    - Allison E Gocotano, Fidelita D Dico, Neil R Calungsod, Julie L Hall & Megan L Counahan
  • ID: BLT.14.148874
    pdf, 523kb

    A telemedicine network for remote paediatric cardiology services in north-east Brazil
    - Sandra da Silva Mattos, Sheila Maria Vieira Hazin, Cláudio Teixeira Regis, Juliana Sousa Soares de Araújo, Fernanda Cruz de Lira Albuquerque, Lúcia Roberta Didier Nunes Moser, Thamine de Paula Hatem, Carolina Paim Gomes de Freitas, Felipe Alves Mourato, Thiago Ribeiro Tavares, Renata Grigório Silva Gomes, Rossana Severi, Cícera Rocha Santos, Jailson Ferreira da Silva, Juliana Landim Rezende, Paulo Coelho Vieira & José Luiz de Lima Filho