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Available online 20 May 2015:


  • ID: BLT.14.147439
    pdf, 144kb

    Tobacco smoking and tuberculosis treatment outcomes: a prospective cohort study in Georgia
    - Medea Gegia, Matthew J Magee, Russell R Kempker, Iagor Kalandadze, Tsira Chakhaia, Jonathan E Golub & Henry M Blumberg
  • ID: BLT.14.142356
    pdf, 384kb

    Tuberculosis control and economic recession: longitudinal study of data from 21 European countries (1991–2012)
    - Aaron Reeves, Sanjay Basu, Martin McKee, Andreas Sandgren, David Stuckler & Jan C Semenza
  • ID: BLT.14.149146
    pdf, 146kb

    Long-term mortality among older adults with burn injury: a population-based study in Australia
    - Janine M Duke, James H Boyd, Suzanne Rea, Sean M Randall & Fiona M Wood
  • ID: BLT.14.141879
    pdf, 1.07Mb

    Identifying implementation bottlenecks for maternal and newborn health interventions in rural districts of the United Republic of Tanzania
    - Ulrika Baker, Stefan Peterson, Tanya Marchant, Godfrey Mbaruku, Silas Temu, Fatuma Manzi & Claudia Hanson
  • ID: BLT.14.139527
    pdf, 154kb

    Changes in the perceived quality of primary care in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China: a difference-in-difference analysis
    - Xiaolin Wei, Haitao Li, Nan Yang, Samuel YS Wong, Marc CS Chong, Leiyu Shi, Martin CS Wong, Jianguang Xu, Dan Zhang, Jinling Tang, Donald KT Li, Qingyue Meng & Sian M Griffiths
  • ID: BLT.14.147215
    pdf, 268kb

    A comparative analysis of national HIV policies in six African countries with generalized epidemics
    - Kathryn Church, Francis Kiweewa, Aisha Dasgupta, Mary Mwangome, Edith Mpandaguta, Francesc Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Samuel Oti, Jim Todd, Alison Wringe, Eveline Geubbels, Amelia Crampin, Jessica Nakiyingi-Miiro, Chika Hayashi, Muthoni Njage, Ryan G Wagner, Alex Riolexus Ario, Simon D Makombe, Owen Mugurungi & Basia Zaba
  • ID: BLT.14.146092
    pdf, 145kb

    Teenage smoking behaviour following a high-school smoking ban in Chile: interrupted time series analysis
    - Andrea B Feigl, Joshua A Salomon, Goodarz Danaei, Eric L Ding & Esteban Calvo
  • ID: BLT.14.147900
    pdf, 107kb

    Estimating the effectiveness of a hospital’s interventions in India: impact of the choice of disability weights
    - Susmita Chatterjee & Richard A Gosselin
  • ID: BLT.14.147082
    pdf, 187kb

    Estimating the absolute wealth of households
    - Daniel J Hruschka, Drew Gerkey & Craig Hadley


  • ID: BLT.14.146571
    pdf, 352kb

    Applying the lessons of maternal mortality reduction to global emergency health
    - Emilie J Calvello, Alexander Per Skog, Andrea G Tenner & Lee A Wallis
  • ID: BLT.14.138925
    pdf, 134kb

    The need to accelerate access to new drugs for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
    - Helen S Cox, Jennifer J Furin, Carole D Mitnick, Colleen Daniels, Vivian Cox & Eric Goemaere
  • ID: BLT.14.150037
    pdf, 121kb

    Climate change, cash transfers and health
    - Frank Pega, Caroline Shaw, Kumanan Rasanathan, Jennifer Yablonski, Ichiro Kawachi & Simon Hales


  • ID: BLT.14.144683
    pdf, 116kb

    Quality-of-care audit and perinatal mortality in South Africa
    - Emma R Allanson & Robert C Pattinson
  • ID: BLT.14.149849
    pdf, 72kb

    Customized online and onsite training for rabies control officers in low-income countries
    - Hervé Bourhy, Cécile Troupin, Ousmane Faye, François-Xavier Meslin, Bernadette Abela-Ridder, Amadou Alpha Sall & Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl
  • ID: BLT.14.143149
    pdf, 162kb

    Improving eye care in Rwanda
    - Agnes Binagwaho, Kirstin Scott, Thomas Rosewall, Graeme Mackenzie, Gweneth Rehnborg, Sjoerd Hannema, Max Presente, Piet Noe, Wanjiku Mathenge, John Nkurikiye, Francois Habiyaremye & Theophile Dushime
  • ID: BLT.14.145649
    pdf, 125kb

    Tuberculosis in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti
    - Serena P Koenig, Vanessa Rouzier, Stalz Charles Vilbrun, Willy Morose, Sean E Collins, Patrice Joseph, Diessy Decome, Oksana Ocheretina, Stanislas Galbaud, Lauren Hashiguchi, Julma Pierrot & Jean William Pape


  • ID: BLT.14.145325
    pdf, 736kb

    National health accounts data from 1996 to 2010: a systematic review
    - Anthony L Bui, Rouselle F Lavado, Elizabeth K Johnson, Benjamin PC Brooks, Michael K Freeman, Casey M Graves, Annie Haakenstad, Benjamin Shoemaker, Michael Hanlon & Joseph L Dieleman


  • ID: BLT.14.142299
    pdf, 51kb

    Legionnaire’s disease, weather and climate
    - Ryota Sakamoto
  • ID: BLT.14.144980
    pdf, 52kb

    Redefining shared sanitation
    - Thilde Rheinländer, Flemming Konradsen, Bernard Keraita, Patrick Apoya & Margaret Gyapong
  • ID: BLT.14.144923
    pdf, 62kb

    Indicators of exposure to household air pollution
    - Kendra N Williams, Amanda L Northcross & Jay P Graham
  • ID: BLT.14.149765
    pdf, 42kb

    Disclosure of medical errors to patients in China
    - Lei Gao, Xuhong Zuo, Han Xu, Xiang Gao, Yanguo Chen, Chun Cecili Wange& Shaojun Wang