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Available online 4 February 2016:


  • ID: BLT.16.170860
    pdf, 585kb

    Data sharing in public health emergencies: a call to researchers
    - Christopher Dye, Kidist Bartolomeos, Vasee Moorthy, Marie Paule Kieny


  • ID: BLT.15.160929
    pdf, 131kb

    Dementia-care services for the elderly in rural China: a case study
    - Christina Wu, Lin Gao, Shulin Chen & HengjinDong
  • ID: BLT.15.164384
    pdf, 1.18Mb

    An assessment of GLOBOCAN methods for deriving national estimates of cancer incidence
    - Sebastien Antoni, Isabelle Soerjomataram, Bjørn Møller, Freddie Bray & Jacques Ferlay
  • ID: BLT.15.158303
    pdf, 174kb

    Catastrophic health expenditure after acute coronary events in Asia: a prospective study
    - Stephen Jan, Stephen W-L Lee, Jitendra PS Sawhney, Tiong K Ong, Chee Tang Chin, Hyo-Soo Kim, Rungroj Krittayaphong, Vo T Nhan, Yohji Itoh & Yong Huo
  • ID: BLT.15.161315
    pdf, 161kb

    Nutritional quality of diet and academic performance in Chilean students
    - Paulina Correa-Burrows, Raquel Burrows, Estela Blanco, Marcela Reyes & Sheila Gahagan
  • ID: BLT.15.154666
    pdf, 552kb

    The role of drug vendors in improving basic health-care services in Nigeria
    - Jenny Liu, Lisa M Prach, Emily Treleaven, Mara Hansen, Jennifer Anyanti, Temple Jagha, Vince Seaman, Olufemi Ajumobi & Chinwoke Isiguzo


  • ID: BLT.15.158543
    pdf, 76kb

    Psychosocial impacts of the Ebola outbreak at individual, community and international level
    - Tine Van Bortel, Anoma Basnayake, Fatou Wurie, Musu Jambai, Alimamy Sultan Koroma, Andrew T Muana, Katrina Hann, Julian Eaton, Steven Martin & Laura B Nellums
  • ID: BLT.15.155812
    pdf, 116kb

    Household air pollution and the sustainable development goals
    - Adeladza Kofi Amegah & Jouni JK Jaakkola


  • ID: BLT.15.156406
    pdf, 113kb

    Providing HIV-related services for men who have sex with men in China
    - Weibin Cheng, Yanshan Cai, Weiming Tang, Fei Zhong, Gang Meng, Jing Gu, Chun Hao, Zhigang Han, Jingyan Li, Aritra Das, Jinkou Zhao, Huifang Xu, Joseph D Tucker & Ming Wang


  • ID: BLT.15.164509
    pdf, 49kb

    A new global agenda for nutrition and health: the importance of agriculture and food systems
    - Andrew D Jones & Gebisa Ejeta
  • ID: BLT.15.156869
    pdf, 75kb

    Disability, non-communicable disease and health information
    - Nicola C Richards, Hebe N Gouda, Jo Durham, Rasika Rampatige, Anna Rodney & Maxine Whittaker