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Available online 27 March 2015:


  • ID: BLT.14.143990
    pdf, 149kb

    Nurse versus physician-provision of early medical abortion in Mexico: a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial
    - Claudia Diaz Olavarrieta, Bela Ganatra, Annik Sorhaindo, Tahilin S Karver, Armando Seuc, Aremis Villalobos, Sandra G García, Martha Pérez, Manuel Bousieguez & Patricio Sanhueza
  • ID: BLT.14.139972
    pdf, 867kb

    Data-driven methods for imputing national-level incidence in global burden of disease studies
    - Scott A McDonald, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Niko Speybroeck, Niel Hens, Nicolas Praet, Paul R Torgerson, Arie H Havelaar, Felicia Wu, Marlène Tremblay, Ermias W Amene & Dörte Döpfer
  • ID: BLT.14.147256
    pdf, 944kb

    The Global Drug Facility as an intervention in the market for tuberculosis drugs
    - Nimalan Arinaminpathy, Thierry Cordier-Lassalle, Kaspars Lunte & Christopher Dye
  • ID: BLT.14.142844
    pdf, 1.21Mb

    Antibiotic prescription behaviours in Lao People's Democratic Republic: a knowledge, attitude and practice survey
    - Fabrice Quet, Erika Vlieghe, Caroline Leyer, Yves Buisson, Paul N Newton, Philaysak Naphayvong, Valy Keoluangkhot, Monique Chomarat, Christophe Longuet, Nicolas Steenkeste & Jan Jacobs
  • ID: BLT.14.146050
    pdf, 87kb

    Surveys of measles vaccination coverage in eastern and southern Africa: a review of quality and methods used
    - Reinhard Kaiser, Messeret E Shibeshi, Jethro M Chakauya, Emelda Dzeka, Balcha G Masresha, Fussum Daniel & Nestor Shivute
  • ID: BLT.14.145771
    pdf, 221kb

    Injury-related mortality in South Africa: a retrospective descriptive study of postmortem investigations
    - Richard Matzopoulos, Megan Prinsloo, Victoria Pillay-van Wyk, Nomonde Gwebushe, Shanaaz Mathews, Lorna Martin, Ria Laubscher, Naeemah Abrahams, William Msemburi, Carl Lombard & Debbie Bradshaw
  • ID: BLT.14.145540
    pdf, 177kb

    The Healthy Food Environment Policy Index: findings of an expert panel in New Zealand
    - Stefanie Vandevijvere, Clare Dominick, Anandita Devi & Boyd Swinburn for the International Network for Food and Obesity/non-communicable diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support
  • ID: BLT.14.146159
    pdf, 194kb

    A multimedia consent tool for research participants in the Gambia: a randomized controlled trial
    - Muhammed O Afolabi, Nuala McGrath, Umberto D’Alessandro, Beate Kampmann, Egeruan B Imoukhuede, Raffaella M Ravinetto, Neal Alexander, Heidi J Larson, Daniel Chandramohan & Kalifa Bojang


  • ID: BLT.14.141069
    pdf, 153kb

    Midterm review of national health plans: an example from the United Republic of Tanzania
    - Leonard EG Mboera, Yahya Ipuge, Claud J Kumalija, Josbert Rubona, Sriyant Perera, Honorati Masanja & Ties Boerma
  • ID: BLT.14.146571
    pdf, 352kb

    Applying the lessons of maternal mortality reduction to global emergency health
    - Emilie J Calvello, Alexander Per Skog, Andrea G Tenner & Lee A Wallis


  • ID: BLT.14.142141
    pdf, 331kb

    Estimates of alcohol-related oesophageal cancer burden in Japan: systematic review and meta-analyses
    - Michael Roerecke, Kevin D Shield, Susumu Higuchi, Atsushi Yoshimura, Elisabeth Larsen, Maximilien X Rehm & Jürgen Rehm
  • ID: BLT.14.146951
    pdf, 437kb

    Strategies to increase the demand for childhood vaccination in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    - Mira Johri, Myriam Cielo Pérez, Catherine Arsenault, Jitendar K Sharma, Nitika Pant Pai, Smriti Pahwa & Marie-Pierre Sylvestre


  • ID: BLT.14.145920
    pdf, 80kb

    Reducing the price of treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis through the Global Drug Facility
    - Kaspars Lunte, Thierry Cordier-Lassalle & Joel Keravec


  • ID: BLT.15.153031
    pdf, 61kb

    Routine feedback of test results to participants in clinic- and survey-based surveillance of HIV
    - Rachel Baggaley, Cheryl Johnson, Jesus Maria Garcia Calleja, Keith Sabin, Carla Obermeyer, Miriam Taegtmeyer, Basia Zaba, Carol El-Hayek & Jerome Amir Singh


  • ID: BLT.14.142307
    pdf, 1.56Mb

    The asbestos paradox: global gaps in the translational science of disease prevention
    - Oladele A Ogunseitan
  • ID: BLT.14.142307
    pdf, 44kb

    Tough decisions on essential medicines in 2015
    - Nicola Magrini, Jane Robertson, Gilles Forte, Bernadette Cappello, Lorenzo P Moja, Kees de Joncheere & Marie-Paule Kieny
  • ID: BLT.14.142299
    pdf, 51kb

    Legionnaire’s disease, weather and climate
    - Ryota Sakamoto