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Available online 19 May 2017:



  • ID: BLT.16.176982
    pdf, 376kb

    Improving the quality of hospital care for children by supportive supervision: a cluster randomized trial, Kyrgyzstan
    - Marzia Lazzerini, Venera Shukurova, Marina Davletbaeva, Kubanychbek Monolbaev, Tatiana Kulichenko, Yuri Akoev, Maya Bakradze, Tea Margieva, Ilya Mityushino, Leyla Namazova-Baranova, Elnura Boronbayeva, Aigul Kuttumuratova, Martin Willy Weber & Giorgio Tamburlini
  • ID: BLT.16.178202
    pdf, 175kb

    Implementation research to improve quality of maternal and newborn health care, Malawi
    - Stephan Brenner, Danielle Wilhelm, Julia Lohmann, Christabel Kambala, Jobiba Chinkhumba, Adamson S Muula & Manuela De Allegri
  • ID: BLT.16.179499
    pdf, 210kb

    Observations of infection prevention and control practices in primary health care, Kenya
    - Guadalupe Bedoya, Amy Dolinger, Khama Rogo, Njeri Mwaura, Francis Wafula, Jorge Coarasa, Ana Goicoechea & Jishnu Das
  • ID: BLT.16.179531
    pdf, 181kb

    Developing global indicators for quality of maternal and newborn care: a feasibility assessment
    - Barbara Madaj, Helen Smith, Matthews Mathai, Nathalie Roos & Nynke van den Broek
  • ID: BLT.16.179143
    pdf, 267kb

    Records of medical malpractice litigation: a potential indicator of health-care quality in China
  • ID: BLT.16.175885
    pdf, 1.22Mb

    A geospatial evaluation of timely access to surgical care in seven countries
    - Lisa M Knowlton, Paulin Banguti, Smita Chackungal, Traichit Chanthasirid, Tiffany E Chao, Bernice Dahn, Milliard Derbew, Debashish Dhar, Micaela M Esquivel, Faye Evans, Simon Hendel, Drake G LeBrun, Michelle Notrica, Iracema Saavedra-Pozo, Ross Shockley, Tarsicio Uribe-Leitz, Kelly A McQueen, David A Spain & Thomas G Weiser
  • ID: BLT.16.179291
    pdf, 978kb

    Quality of routine essential care during childbirth: clinical observations of uncomplicated births in Uttar Pradesh, India
    - Gaurav Sharma, Timothy Powell-Jackson, Kaveri Haldar, John Bradley & Véronique Filippi
  • ID: BLT.16.175844
    pdf, 2.26Mb

    Community-based approaches for neonatal survival: meta-analyses of randomized trial data
    - Claudia Hanson, Sanni Kujala, Peter Waiswa, Tanya Marchant & Joanna Schellenberg
  • ID: BLT.16.185314
    pdf, 778kb

    The impact of the roll-out of rapid molecular diagnostic testing for tuberculosis on empirical treatment in Cape Town, South Africa
    - Sabine Hermans, Judy Caldwell, Richard Kaplan, Frank Cobelens & Robin Wood
  • ID: BLT.16.175869
    pdf, 274kb

    Variation in quality of primary-care services in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda and United Republic of Tanzania
    - Margaret E Kruk, Adanna Chukwuma, Godfrey Mbaruku & Hannah H Leslie


  • ID: BLT.16.180190
    pdf, 640kb

    Quality of care: measuring a neglected driver of improved health
    - Yoko Akachi & Margaret E Kruk
  • ID: BLT.16.187484
    pdf, 93kb

    Assistive technologies for people with dementia: ethical considerations
    - Belinda Bennett, Fiona McDonald, Elizabeth Beattie, Terry Carney, Ian Freckelton, Ben White & Lindy Willmott


  • ID: BLT.16.178806
    pdf, 89kb

    Maternal and neonatal services in Ethiopia: measuring and improving quality
    - Maureen E Canavan, Marie A Brault, Dawit Tatek, Daniel Burssa, Ayele Teshome, Erika Linnander & Elizabeth H Bradley
  • ID: BLT.16.175802
    pdf, 69kb

    Improving water, sanitation and hygiene in health-care facilities, Liberia
    - Nana Mensah Abrampah, Maggie Montgomery, April Baller, Francis Ndivo, Alex Gasasira, Catherine Cooper, Ruben Frescas, Bruce Gordon & Shamsuzzoha Babar Syed
  • ID: BLT.16.189282
    pdf, 99kb

    Proactive community case finding to facilitate treatment seeking for mental disorders, Nepal
    - Mark JD Jordans, Brandon A Kohrt, Nagendra P Luitel, Crick Lund & Ivan H Komproe
  • ID: BLT.16.179648
    pdf, 72kb

    Antimicrobial resistance: from global agenda to national strategic plan, Thailand
    - Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Wanchai Sattayawutthipong, Sukhum Kanjanapimai, Wantanee Kanpravidth, Richard Brown & Angkana Sommanustweechai
  • ID: BLT.16.188060
    pdf, 207kb

    A data platform to improve rabies prevention, Sri Lanka
    - AP De Silva, PAL Harischandra, A Beane, S Rathnayaka, R Pimburage, W Wijesiriwardana, D Gamage, D Jayasinghe, PC Sigera, A Gunasekara, M Cadre, S Amunugama, PL Athapattu, KSA Jayasinghe, AM Dondorp & R Haniffa


  • ID: BLT.16.187476
    pdf, 213kb

    Strengthening health systems for universal health coverage and sustainable development
    - Marie Paule Kieny, Henk Bekedam, Delanyo Dovlo, James Fitzgerald, Jarno Habicht, Graham Harrison, Hans Kluge, Vivian Lin, Natela Menabde, Zafar Mirza, Sameen Siddiqi & Phyllida Travis
  • ID: BLT.16.178392
    pdf, 56kb

    Changing the narratives for patient safety
    - Peter J Pronovost, Kathleen M Sutcliffe, Lopa Basu & Mary Dixon-Woods
  • ID: BLT.16.186536
    pdf, 51kb

    Should e-cigarette use be included in indoor smoking bans?
    - Nick Wilson, Janet Hoek, George Thomson & Richard Edwards