Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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Available online 19 January 2017:


  • ID: BLT.16.174425
    pdf, 446kb

    Drowning deaths between 1861 and 2000 in Victoria, Australia
    - Carolyn Staines & Joan Ozanne-Smith
  • ID: BLT.16.176982
    pdf, 376kb

    Improving the quality of hospital care for children by supportive supervision: a cluster randomized trial, Kyrgyzstan
    - Marzia Lazzerini, Venera Shukurova, Marina Davletbaeva, Kubanychbek Monolbaev, Tatiana Kulichenko, Yuri Akoev, Maya Bakradze, Tea Margieva, Ilya Mityushino, Leyla Namazova-Baranova, Elnura Boronbayeva, Aigul Kuttumuratova, Martin Willy Weber & Giorgio Tamburlini


  • ID: BLT.16.178079
    pdf, 141kb

    An equity dashboard to monitor vaccination coverage
    - Catherine Arsenault, Sam Harper, Arijit Nandi, José M Mendoza Rodríguez, Peter M Hansen & Mira Johri
  • ID: BLT.16.172874
    pdf, 177kb

    An antibiotic’s journey from marketing authorization to use Norway
    - Christine Årdal, Hege Salvesen Blix, Jens Plahte & John-Arne Røttingen


  • ID: BLT.16.178434
    pdf, 159kb

    Modifying homes for persons with physical disabilities in Thailand
    - Sirinart Tongsiri, Chanuttha Ploylearmsang, Katanyu Hawsutisima, Wachara Riewpaiboon & Viroj Tangcharoensathien
  • ID: BLT.16.173674
    pdf, 131kb

    Adapting Nepal’s polio eradication programme
    - Krishna P Paudel, Lee M Hampton, Santosh Gurung, Rajendra Bohara, Indra K Rai, Sameer Anaokar, Rachel D Swift &Stephen Cochi


  • ID: BLT.16.173039
    pdf, 317kb

    Pre-exposure rabies prophylaxis: a systematic review
    - Jocelyn A Kessels, Sergio Recuenco, Ana Maria Navarro-Vela, Raffy Deray, Marco Vigilato, Hildegund Ertl, David Durrheim, Helen Rees, Louis H Nel, Bernadette Abela-Ridder & Deborah Briggs


  • ID: BLT.16.173229
    pdf, 58kb

    Diarrhoeal disease in children due to contaminated food
    - MD Kirk, FJ Angulo, AH Havelaar & RE Black
  • ID: BLT.16.178061
    pdf, 71kb

    Therapeutic antibodies for infectious diseases
    - Erin Sparrow, Martin Friede, Mohamud Sheikh & Siranda Torvaldsen