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Available online 13 May 2016:


  • ID: BLT.15.156927
    pdf, 143kb

    The role of law in reducing tuberculosis transmission in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia
    - Andre R Verani, Courtney N Emerson, Philip Lederer, Ginny Lipke, Nathan Kapata, Samson Lanje, Annatjie C Peters, Isaac Zulu, Barbara J Marston & Bess Miller
  • ID: BLT.15.163931
    pdf, 131kb

    Recommendations for dealing with waste contaminated with Ebola virus: a Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points approach
    - Kelly L Edmunds, Samira Abd Elrahman, Diana J Bell, Julii Brainard, Samir Dervisevic, Tsimbiri P Fedha, Roger Few, Guy Howard, Iain Lake, Peter Maes, Joseph Matofari, Harvey Minnigh, Ahmed A Mohamedani, Maggie Montgomery, Sarah Morter, Edward Muchiri, Lutendo S Mudau, Benedict M Mutua, Julius M Ndambuki, Katherine Pond, Mark D Sobsey, Mike van der Es, Mark Zeitoun & Paul R Hunter
  • ID: BLT.14.151670
    pdf, 504kb

    A tuberculosis nationwide prevalence survey in the Gambia, 2012
    - Ifedayo MO Adetifa, Lindsay Kendall, Adedapo Bashorun, Christopher Linda, Semeeh Omoleke, David Jeffries, Rahmatulai Maane, Beatrice Dei Alorse, William Dei Alorse, Catherine Bi Okoi, Kodjovi D Mlaga, Ma Ansu Kinteh, Simon Donkor, Bouke C de Jong, Martin Antonio & Umberto d’Alessandro
  • ID: BLT.15.162818
    pdf, 1.02Mb

    Health policy and systems research training: global status and recommendations for action
    - Tara M Tancred, Meike Schleiff, David H Peters & Dina Balabanova
  • ID: BLT.15.156513
    pdf, 150kb

    Outcomes and costs of implementing a community-based intervention for hypertension in an urban slum in Kenya
    - Samuel Oji Oti, Steven van de Vijver, Gabriela B Gomez, Charles Agyemang, Thaddaeus Egondi, Catherine Kyobutungi & Karien Stronks
  • ID: BLT.15.159699
    pdf, 854kb

    Vaccination timing of low-birth-weight infants in rural Ghana: a population-based, prospective cohort study
    - Maureen O’Leary, Sara Thomas, Lisa Hurt, Sian Floyd, Caitlin Shannon, Sam Newton, Gyan Thomas, Seeba Amenga-Etego, Charlotte Tawiah-Agyemang, Lu Gram, Chris Hurt, Rajiv Bahl, Seth Owusu-Agyei, Betty Kirkwood & Karen Edmond
  • ID: BLT.15.168302
    pdf, 867kb

    Measuring the adequacy of antenatal health care: a national cross-sectional study in Mexico
    - Ileana Heredia-Pi, Edson Servan-Mori, Blair G Darney, Hortensia Reyes-Morales & Rafael Lozano
  • ID: BLT.15.165852
    pdf, 127kb

    Textual analysis of sugar industry influence on the World Health Organization’s 2015 sugars guideline
    - David Stuckler, Aaron Reeves, Rachel Loopstra & Martin McKee


  • ID: BLT.15.155721
    pdf, 85kb

    Priority-setting for achieving universal health coverage
    Kalipso Chalkidou, Amanda Glassman, Robert Marten, Jeanette Vega Yot Teerawattananon, Nattha Tritasavit, Martha Gyansa-Lutterodt, Andreas Seiter, Marie Paule Kieny, Karen Hofman & Anthony J Culyer
  • ID: BLT.15.162933
    pdf, 122kb

    The importance in assessing self-reported HIV status in bio-behavioural surveys
    - Lisa G Johnston, Miriam Lewis Sabin, Dimitri Prybylski, Keith Sabin, Willi McFarland, Stefan Baral, Andrea A Kim & H Fisher Raymond
  • ID: BLT.15.158667
    pdf, 605kb

    Progress achieved in restricting the marketing of high-fat, sugary and salty food and beverage products to children
    - Vivica I Kraak, Stefanie Vandevijvere, Gary Sacks, Hannah Brinsden, Corinna Hawkes, Simón Barquera, Tim Lobstein & Boyd A Swinburn
  • ID: BLT.15.168419
    pdf, 822kb

    How can health ministries present persuasive investment plans for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health?
    - Ian Anderson, Blerta Maliqi, Henrik Axelson & Mikael Ostergren
  • ID: BLT.15.164749
    pdf, 95kb

    National public health law: a role for WHO in capacity-building and promoting transparency
    - Géraldine Marks-Sultan, Feng-jen Tsai, Evan Anderson, Florian Kastler, Dominique Sprumont & Scott Burris


  • ID: BLT.15.154245
    pdf, 115kb

    Scale-up of integrated malaria vector control: lessons from Malawi
    - Emmanuel Chanda, Themba Mzilahowa, John Chipwanya, Doreen Ali, Peter Troell, Wilfred Dodoli, Abraham P Mnzava, Birkinesh Ameneshewa & John Gimnig


  • ID: BLT.15.163121
    pdf, 169kb

    The burden of road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    - Davies Adeloye, Jacqueline Y Thompson, Moses A Akanbi, Dominic Azuh, Victoria Samuel, Nicholas Omoregbe & Charles K Ayo
  • ID: BLT.15.158741
    pdf, 880kb

    Accuracy of point-of-care testing for circulatory cathodic antigen in the detection of schistosome infection: systematic review and meta-analysis
    - Anthony Danso-Appiah, Jonathan Minton, Daniel Boamah, Joseph Otchere, Richard H Asmah, Mark Rodgers, Kwabena M Bosompem, Paolo Eusebi & Sake J De Vlas
  • ID: BLT.15.162214
    pdf, 369kb

    Uptake of the World Health Organization’s trauma care guidelines: a systematic review
    - Lacey LaGrone, Kevin Riggle, Manjul Joshipura, Robert Quansah, Teri Reynolds, Kenneth Sherr & Charles Mock