Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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Available online 19 March 2018:


  • ID: BLT.17.195560
    pdf, 3.31Mb

    Multicontaminant air pollution in Chinese cities
    - Lijian Han, Weiqi Zhou, Steward TA Pickett, Weifeng Li & Yuguo Qian
  • ID: BLT.17.192658
    pdf, 338kb

    Untreated depression and tuberculosis treatment outcomes, quality of life and disability, Ethiopia
    - Fentie Ambaw, Rosie Mayston, Charlotte Hanlon, Girmay Medhin & Atalay Alem
  • ID: BLT.17.201004
    pdf, 211kb

    Zika virus infection estimates, Mexico
    - Juan Eugenio Hernández-Ávila, Lina Sofía Palacio-Mejía, Hugo López-Gatell, Celia M Alpuche-Aranda, Diana Molina-Vélez, Leonel González-González & Mauricio Hernández-Ávila
  • ID: BLT.17.203265
    pdf, 181kb

    Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a cross-sectional study in Malawi
    - M van Lettow, M Landes, JJ van Oosterhout, E Schouten, H Phiri, E Nkhoma, T Kalua, S Gupta, N Wadonda, A Jahn & B Tippett-Barr
  • ID: BLT.17.203943
    pdf, 1.77Mb

    Poisoning deaths in China, 2006–2016
    - Lijun Wang, Yue Wu, Peng Yin, Peixia Cheng, Yunning Liu, David C Schwebel, Jinlei Qi, Peishan Ning, Jiangmei Liu, Xunjie Cheng, Maigeng Zhou & Guoqing Hu


  • ID: BLT.17.206284
    pdf, 76kb

    Regulatory evaluation of biosimilars throughout their product life-cycle
    - Hye-Na Kanga & Ivana Knezevica
  • ID: BLT.17.207225
    pdf, 117kb

    Evaluation of the EpiCore outbreak verification system
    - Taryn Silver Lorthe, Marjorie P Pollack, Britta Lassmann, John Brownstein, Emily Cohn, Nomita Divi, Dionisio Jose Herrera-Guibert, Jennifer Olsen, Mark S Smolinski & Lawrence C Madoff


  • ID: BLT.17.205666
    pdf, 180kb

    Post-earthquake health-service support, Nepal
    - Sophie Goyet, Rajan Rayamajhi, Badry Nath Gyawali, Bhola Ram Shrestha, Guna Raj Lohani, Damodar Adhikari, Edwin Salvador, Roderico Ofrin, Jos Vandelaer & Reuben Samuel
  • ID: BLT.17.200402
    pdf, 76kb

    The G7 presidency and universal health coverage, Japan’s contribution
    - Haruka Sakamoto, Satoshi Ezoe, Kotono Hara, Eiji Hinoshita, Yui Sekitani, Keishi Abe, Haruhiko Inada, Takuma Kato, Kenichi Komada, Masami Miyakawa, Hiroyuki Yamaya, Naoko Yamamoto, Sarah Krull Abe & Kenji Shibuya


  • ID: BLT.17.203448
    pdf, 214kb

    Antibiotic stewardship interventions in hospitals in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review
    - Christophe Van Dijck, Erika Vlieghe & Janneke Arnoldine Cox


  • ID: BLT.17.205005
    pdf, 62kb

    The Global Virome Project
    - Dennis Carroll, Brooke Watson, Eri Togami, Peter Daszak, Jonna AK Mazet, Cara Chrisman, Eddy Rubin, Nathan Wolfe, Carlos Morel, George Gao, Gian Luca Burci, Keiji Fukuda, Prasert Auewarakul & Oyewale Tomori
  • ID: BLT.17.202424
    pdf, 50kb

    A global campaign to combat ageism
    - Alana Margaret Officer & Vânia de la Fuente Núñez