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Available online 1 August 2017:


  • ID: BLT.16.187849
    pdf, 1.04Mb

    Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines and hospitalization of children for pneumonia: a time-series analysis, South Africa, 2006–2014
    - Alane Izu, Fatima Solomon, Susan A Nzenze, Azwifarwi Mudau, Elizabeth Zell, Katherine L O’Brien, Cynthia G Whitney, Jennifer Verani, Michelle Groome & Shabir A Madhi
  • ID: BLT.16.178475
    pdf, 255kb

    Estimated economic impact of vaccinations in 73 low- and middle-income countries, 2001–2020
    - Sachiko Ozawa, Samantha Clark, Allison Portnoy, Simrun Grewal, Meghan L Stack, Anushua Sinha, Andrew Mirelman, Heather Franklin, Ingrid K Friberg, Yvonne Tam, Neff Walker, Andrew Clark, Matthew Ferrari, Chutima Suraratdecha, Steven Sweet, Sue J. Goldie, Tini Garske, Michelle Li, Peter M. Hansen, Hope L Johnson & Damian Walker


  • ID: BLT.16.187484
    pdf, 93kb

    Assistive technologies for people with dementia: ethical considerations
    - Belinda Bennett, Fiona McDonald, Elizabeth Beattie, Terry Carney, Ian Freckelton, Ben White & Lindy Willmott
  • ID: BLT.16.187617
    pdf, 124kb

    Organizing health-care services to meet older people’s needs
    - Islene Araujo de Carvalho, JoAnne Epping-Jordan, Anne Margriet Pot, Edward Kelley, Nuria Toro, Jotheeswaran A Thiyagarajan & John R Beard
  • ID: BLT.16.187468
    pdf, 114kb

    A guide to aid the selection of diagnostic tests
    - Cara S Kosack, Anne-Laure Page & Paul R Klatser


  • ID: BLT.16.188060
    pdf, 207kb

    A data platform to improve rabies prevention, Sri Lanka
    - AP De Silva, PAL Harischandra, A Beane, S Rathnayaka, R Pimburage, W Wijesiriwardana, D Gamage, D Jayasinghe, PC Sigera, A Gunasekara, M Cadre, S Amunugama, PL Athapattu, KSA Jayasinghe, AM Dondorp & R Haniffa
  • ID: BLT.16.187526
    pdf, 74kb

    Volunteer provision of long-term care for older people in Thailand and Costa Rica
    - Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Anne Margriet Pot, Siriphan Sasat & Fernando Morales-Martinez
  • ID: BLT.16.189399
    pdf, 82kb

    Integrated morbidity management for lymphatic filariasis and podoconiosis, Ethiopia
    - Kebede Deribe, Biruck Kebede, Mossie Tamiru, Belete Mengistu, Fikreab Kebede, Sarah Martindale, Heven Sime, Abate Mulugeta, Biruk Kebede, Mesfin Sileshi, Asrat Mengiste, Scott McPherson & Amha Fentaye
  • ID: BLT.17.191635
    pdf, 111kb

    Monetary incentives for provision of syphilis screening, Yunnan, China
    - Wanyue Zhang, Hongbin Luo, Yanling Ma, Yan Guo, Qingyan Fang, Zhifang Yang, Xiujie Zhang, Xiaobin Zhang, Manhong Jia & Xiang-Sheng Chen


  • ID: BLT.17.189977
    pdf, 61kb

    Regulating the stem cell industry: needs and responsibilities
    - Tsung-Ling Lee, Tamra Lysaght, Wendy Lipworth, Tereza Hendl, Ian Kerridge, Megan Munsie & Cameron Stewart
  • ID: BLT.17.195453
    pdf, 58kb

    Effective, polyvalent, affordable antivenom needed to treat snake bites in Nepal
    - Bhola R Shrestha, Deb P Pandey, Krishna P Acharya, Chhabilal Thapa-Magar, Fahim Mohamed & Geoffrey K Isbister