Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 82, Number 6, June 2004, 399-478


Special topic: maternal and congenital syphilis; Condoms and sexually transmitted infections; Natural history of HIV


Changing history: closing the gap
- Anthony D. Mbewu

Congenital syphilis
- Damian Walker & Godfrey J.A. Walker


Prevention of congenital syphilis
- George Schmid

Case studies of antenatal syphilis control programmes
- Bidia D. Deperthes et al.

Antenatal syphilis control
- Sarah Hawkes et al.

Congenital syphilis: recommendations for prevention
- Hanroon Saloojee et al.
Commentary: Saiqa Mullick et al.

Pathophysiology and treatment of maternal syphilis
- Stuart M. Berman et al.

Tools to prevent and manage maternal and congenital syphilis
- Rosanna W. Peeling & Htun Ye

Genital herpes and human immunodeficiency virus
- Connie Celum et al.


Effectiveness of condoms in preventing STIs
- King K. Holms, Ruth Levine, & Marcia Weaver

Natural history of HIV in adults in Africa
- Shabbar Jaffar et al.



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WHO News

HIV treatment will boost prevention and strengthen health systems, says The world health report 2004; World Health Assembly adopts landmark strategies on diet and physical activity, and reproductive health; Human behaviour contributes to emergence of zoonoses


WHO’s HIV/AIDS strategy under the spotlight — interview with Dr Jim Yong Kim

Nathalie Broutet, in collaboration with Laragh Gollogly, coordinated the cluster of papers on maternal and congenital syphilis.