Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 82, Number 8, August 2004, 559-636

▲ Denotes contributions to the Migration and Health Workers special theme.


Special theme: Migration and Health Workers; Eradicating parasites in Brazil; Involving the private sector in TB control


▲ Health professionals and migration
- Orvill Adams & Barbara Stilwell

▲ Well-managed migrants' health benefits all
- Danielle Grondin

Mass treatment with ivermectin: an underutilized public health strategy
- Rick Speare & David Durrheim


Mass treatment to control helminthiases and skin diseases
- Jörg Heukelbach et al.

Patient initiation and retention in Burkina Faso
- Frederick Mugisha et al.

Public–private mix for DOTS implementation
- Knut Lönnroth et al.


▲ Trends in the migration of nurses
- James Buchan & Julie Sochalski

▲ Managing the migration of health-care workers
- Barbara Stilwell et al.

▲ Data on the migration of health-care workers
- Khassoum Diallo

▲ Plumbing the brain drain
- Nancy Gore Saravia & Juan Francisco Miranda


▲ Strategies to discourage brain drain
- Linda Kupfer
Commentaries by: Anna Whelan; Delanyo Dovlo; Karoline Schmid; Tim Martineau; Jane Lethbridge


▲ Migration of physicians and nurses: a worldwide picture
- Alfonso Mejía

▲ Commentary: Migration patterns of physicians and nurses: still the same story?
- Stephen Bach



Hand-washing could save the lives of millions of children; Smoking shortens life by a decade, concludes 50-year study; WHO drops two generic AIDS drugs; Nigerian state announces resumption of polio immunization; Red AIDS ribbon banned from Zimbabwe television

In focus

▲ Should I stay or should I go?

WHO News

WHO tobacco convention set to become law by year’s end; New alternative medicine guide launched amidst increasing reports of adverse reactions; Cambodia leads the way in the protection of children against worms; WHO announces “River of Life” winners; Call for Papers on Human Resources and Health Workforce Constraints

Barbara Stilwell and Mario Dal Poz, in collaboration with Ian G. Neil, coordinated the special theme.