Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 82: 2004

  • Number 12, December 2004, pages 891-970
    Clinical pneumonia in under-fives; Can religion promote tobacco control?; Obesity rising in developing countries; How can the MDGs succeed?
  • Number 11, November 2004, pages 811-890
    Glaucoma now second leading cause of blindness; Sex inequality hampers fight against AIDS; Do poor countries make the most of TRIPS?; Reporting adverse vaccine reactions; Treatment gap for mental health care
  • Number 10, October 2004, pages 719-810
    Special theme: Bridging the Know–Do Gap in Global Health; Increasing health research uptake; Applying ethical standards; Developing countries need more researchers; Patented drugs vs generics
  • Number 9, September 2004, pages 639-718
    Special theme: Economics of Immunization; Who wants an AIDS vaccine?; Eradication versus control; Supplementary neonatal tetanus vaccine; Donor pledges and health
  • Number 8, August 2004, pages 559-638
    Special theme: Migration and Health Workers; Eradicating parasites in Brazil; Involving the private sector in TB control
  • Number 7, July 2004, pages 479-558
    Reproductive tract infections in Peru; Quality of life assessment in China; Zinc cost-effective for diarrhoea; China’s health-care system
  • Number 6, June 2004, pages 339-478
    Condoms and sexually tranmitted infections; Natural history of HIV; Special topic: maternal and congenital syphilis
  • Number 5, May 2004, pages 319-398
    Detecting severe illness in infants; Sexual violence in relationships; Global typhoid burden; Averting a malaria disaster
  • Number 4, April 2004, pages 239-318
    Medicinal plant use in Bolivia; Global prevalence of dependency; Rubella immunity in Indian hospitals; Cost-effective sanitation in Afghanistan
  • Number 3, March 2004, pages 160-238
    Replacement milks for HIV-infected mothers; Priority-setting in Uganda; Smoking and orofacial clefts; Medical journals and mental health
  • Number 2, February 2004, pages 82-159
    Malaria control and child mortality; Public-private partnerships in Nepal; Patient advocacy and arthritis; Measles-free world by 2015?
  • Number 1, January 2004, pages 1-81
    Special theme: Polio Eradication - End-Stage Challenges; Polio and immune deficiency disorders; Vaccine-derived polio: lessons learned; Which post-polio immunization policy?; Challenges to polio-free certification