Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Treatment of tuberculosis: present status and future prospects

P. Onyebujoh, A. Zumla, I. Ribeiro, R. Rustomjee, P. Mwaba, M. Gomes, & J.M. Grange


Over recent years, tuberculosis (TB) and disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have merged in a synergistic pandemic. The number of new cases of TB is stabilizing and declining, except in countries with a high prevalence of HIV infection. In these countries, where HIV is driving an increase in the TB burden, the capacity of the current tools and strategies to reduce the burden has been exceeded. This paper summarizes the current status of TB management and describes recent thinking and strategy adjustments required for the control of TB in settings of high HIV prevalence. We review the information on anti-TB drugs that is available in the public domain and highlight the need for continued and concerted efforts (including financial, human and infrastructural investments) for the development of new strategies and anti-TB agents.