Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 83: 2005

  • Number 12, December 2005, pages 881-968
    Translating policy into practice; Skin disease care in developing countries; Using vector control to the full; Life expectancy in former Soviet Union and eastern Europe
  • Number 11, November 2005, pages 801-880
    Alcohol use in India and the Russian Federation; How to define “drowning”; More can be done to prevent heart attacks and stroke in developing countries; Public Health Classic: The Public Health Act of 1848
  • Number 10, October 2005, pages 721-800
    Responding to a growing demand for health statistics; Malnutrition follows geographical lines in Africa; Dual jobs for health workers: problem or solution
  • Number 7, July 2005, pages 481-560
    Preventing HIV in infants; Caring for rape survivors in South Africa; New test for schistosomiasis in China; People in Peru and Brazil set their own health priorities; Images of Disability 2005 — Photo Special
  • Number 6, June 2005, pages 401-480
    Special focus: child and maternal health; No cry at birth; How Egypt halved its maternal mortality; Counting Caesareans in poor countries
  • Number 5, May 2005 pages 321-400
    Impact of HIV on measles; Setting priorities for drugs; How to define pneumonia; Integrated child health care mustn't cost more
  • Number 4, April 2005, pages 241-320
    Special Theme: Human Resources for Health; Select Diseases; Workforce shortage is ‘biggest’ obstacle to AIDS treatment in Africa; Polio eradication: a model for mobilizing human resources; Public Health Classics: ‘vertical’ versus ‘horizontal’ approach to delivering key programmes
  • Number 3, March 2005, pages 161-240
    New tool for measuring child nutrition; Global life expectancy; and counting the dead; TB: a challenge for Russian health systems; Is leprosy elimination goal realistic?