Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 84, Number 10, October 2006, 765-840


Sleeping sickness in the Republic of the Congo; Is IMCI reaching the poorest communities?; Relief coordination and emergency medicine; WHO and global outbreak response; Home-based malaria care in Uganda; Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination in South Africa; Interview: latest trends in HIV/AIDS


Ethical approval for operational research
- Laragh Gollogly

Preparing for the next natural disaster – need for a WHO coordinating centre
- Mohammad Wasay & Saad Shafqat

IMCI: what can we learn from an innovation that didn't reach the poor?
- Davidson R Gwatkin



Openness is key in fight against disease outbreaks; Treating malaria at home in Uganda; Street food boom in Ghana spurs calls for better hygiene

WHO News

D for diagnosis and E for everything else - interview with Dr Kevin De Cock; Recent news from WHO


Sleeping sickness in the Republic of the Congo
- Manica Balasegaram et al.

Melarsoprol versus eflornithine for Gambian trypanosomiasis
- Manica Balasegaram et al.

Uptake of IMCI in three countries
- Cesar Victora et al.

Health service use in injured adults
- CM Cameron et al.

Impact of Hib vaccine in South Africa
- A von Gottberg et al.

Perception of danger signs in neonates
- Shally Awasthi, Tuhina Verma, & Monica Agarwal

Chemoprophylaxis and re-emergent P. vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea
- Changsoo Kim et al.


Globalization of emergency medicine
- Philip Anderson et al.


Adolescent suicide in the Middle East: ostrich head in sand
- Mustafa Afifi

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