Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 84, Number 7, July 2006, 505-588


Personal tribute to Dr Lee Jong-wook; 25 years on: HIV/AIDS and WHO; Breastfeeding and HIV; Circumcision in Africa to control HIV; Clinical trials: will companies comply?; Indoor air pollution; MDGs: tracking health disparities


Towards universal access: WHO’s role in HIV prevention, treatment and care
- Kevin De Cock & Ian Grubb

Preventing death and disability through the timely provision of pre-hospital trauma care
- Scott M. Sasser et al.

Indoor air pollution: 4000 deaths a day must no longer be ignored
- Eva Rehfuess, Carlos Corvalan, & Maria Neira



Demand for male circumcisioin rises in a bid to prevent HIV; WHO coordinates health provision for earthquake survivors; Clinical trials initative: patients or patents?

WHO News

Bulletin interview: Continuity and progress at WHO - Interview with Anders Anders Nordström; Recent news from WHO; Dr LEE Jong-wook: A personal tribute.


Monitoring maternal and child health MDGs
- Meg E Wirth et al.

Cost of TB/HIV control in Cape Town
- Harry Peter Hausler et al.

HIV testing in Demographic and Health Surveys
- Vinod Mishra et al.

Breastfeeding and the health of HIV-positive mothers
- Taha E Taha et al.

TB mortality in India
- C. Kolappan et al.

Bacillary dysentery in China
- Xuan-li Wang et al.

Clinical case definition of Intussusception
- Julie E. Bines et al.


Avoiding suspension of Global Fund Secretariat's funding
- Lydia Kapiriri & Douglas K. Martin


Diagnostic tests in HIV management
- April D. Kimmel et al.

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