Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Knowledge mapping as a technique to support knowledge translation

Steeve Ebener, Alim Khan, Ramesh Shademani, Lou Compernolle, Maylene Beltran, Mary Ann D Lansang, & Marc Lippman


This paper explores the possibility of integrating knowledge mapping into a conceptual framework that could serve as a tool for understanding the many complex processes, resources and people involved in a health system, and for identifying potential gaps within knowledge translation processes in order to address them. After defining knowledge mapping, this paper presents various examples of the application of this process in health, before looking at the steps that need to be taken to identify potential gaps, to determine to what extent these gaps affect the knowledge translation process and to establish their cause. This is followed by proposals for interventions aimed at strengthening the overall process. Finally, potential limitations on the application of this framework at the country level are addressed.