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About LiveInk

What Live Ink Does

Award-winning Live Ink formatting strengthens reading power, immediately and significantly, for all readers, particularly when they are reading passages that are relatively challenging for them. In controlled studies on readers from grade 4 through college, Live Ink has been shown to:

  • Immediately increase reading comprehension
  • Boost overall long-term retention of material read
  • Improve reading proficiency when the reader returns to traditional block-text format, and
  • Lessen the eyestrain associated with reading from a computer monitor

How Live Ink Works

The computer-generated, cascading-phrase patterns of Live Ink have been specifically designed to focus and enhance the reader’s “spotlight” of visual attention. By combining:

  • shorter lines
  • grammatically intelligent phrase segmentation, and
  • a meaningful pattern of relative indentation

Live Ink helps make each phrase endure longer in the brain’s short-term memory “cache”, and creates a visual representation of the interrelationship between phrases in a sentence.

In simple terms, by focusing our reading attention, Live Ink helps people read with greater comprehension and retention, with more efficiency and less effort.