Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 84, Number 9, September 2006, 685-764


Drugs for rare diseases as essential medicines; WHO taskforce on counterfeit medicines; Neonatal deaths in developing countries; Echinococcosis: risk factors in China; Heart failure in Australia; Single-dose treatment for vaginal discharge; The burden of intimate partner violence


Are drugs for rare diseases “essential”?
- Marcus M Reidenberg

Health and foreign policy
- David P Fidler & Nick Drager

Reaching the targets for TB control: call for papers
- Léopold Blanc & Lindsay Martinez



WHO launches taskforce to fight counterfeit drugs; Free access to journals gives Kenyan science a boost: Can better health statistics save lives?

WHO News

A century in public health; WHO response to the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon; Recent news from WHO


Stillbirth and neonatal death in developing countries
- Nhu Thi Nguyen Ngoc et al.

Neonatal deaths in India
- Abdullah H Baqui et al.

Echinococcosis in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China
- Yurong Yang et al.

Mortality from heart failure in Australia, 1997–2003
- Farid Najafi, Annette Dobson, & Konrad Jamrozik

Single-dose treatment of vaginal discharge
- Jacques Pépin et al.

Impact of intimate partner violence in Victoria, Australia
- Theo Vos et al.


“Rare essentials”: drugs for rare diseases as essential medicines
- Pieter Stolk, Marjolein JC Willemen, & Hubert GM Leufkens

Can public–private collaboration help TB detection in the poor & vulnerable?
- Rasmus Malmborg et al.


Effect of Fluoridated Public Water Supplies on Dental Caries Prevalence
- Francis A Arnold, H Trendley Dean, Philip Jay & John W Knutson

Commentary: One-in-a-million; the first community trial of water fluoridation
- Michael A Lennon

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