Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 84: 2006

  • Number 12, December 2006 pages 921-1000
    Margaret Chan elected as WHO’s new director-general; Southern Africa moves fast to fight XDR–TB; Improving Tanzanian mortality data; Nurses and family planning saved lives in Ghana; New dosing method for antimalarials; Patterns of traffic and spread of SARS in China
  • Number 11, November 2006 pages 841-920
    Special theme issue: Contracting and Health Services; Public-private partnerships for hospitals; Community health insurance in Burkina Faso; Regulating contracting in Chad, Madagascar and Senegal; Interview: contracting and health; Countries test new ways to finance health care; Public health classic: Rousseau's Social Contract
  • Number 10, October 2006 pages 765-940
    Sleeping sickness in the Republic of theCongo; Is IMCI reaching the poorest communities?; Relief coordination and emergency medicine; WHO and global outbreak response; Home-based malaria care in Uganda; Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination in South Africa; Interview: latest trends in HIV/AIDS
  • Number 9, September 2006 pages 685-764
    Drugs for rare diseases as essential medicines; WHO taskforce on counterfeit medicines; Neonatal deaths in developing countries; Echinococcosis: risk factors in China; Heart failure in Australia; Single-dose treatment for vaginal discharge; The burden of intimate partner violence
  • Number 8, August 2006 pages 589-684
    Special theme issue: Knowledge Translation in Global Health; BRAC and social entrepreneurs; The knowledge-value chain in public health; Policy into practice in South-East Asia; Evidence-based frameworks; Improving heath service delivery; Translating knowledge from Bangladesh to Afghanistan
  • Number 7, July 2006 pages 505-588
    Personal tribute to Dr Lee Jong-wook; 25 years on: HIV/AIDS and WHO; Breastfeeding and HIV; Circumcision in Africa to control HIV; Clinical trials: will companies comply?; Indoor air pollution; MDGs: tracking health disparities
  • Number 6, June 2006 pages 425-504
    Private and informal health-care providers; Mortality trends in sub-Saharan Africa; Tracking health disparities to achieve the MDGs; Cardiovascular diseases in India; Better access to trial information for patients; New global public health leaders; UV exposure: getting the message right?; Public Health Classic: cancer and tobacco
  • Number 5, May 2006 pages 337-424
    Special theme issue: Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health;WHO’s Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health; Open access and copyright as alternatives to patents; Access to medicines as a human right; Should genes be patented? ; Access to life-saving medicines stumbles on trade rules; Rich and poor countries divided on patent treaty; Meeting the need for treatment: the initiatives; Bulletin interview: do patents work for public health?
  • Number 4, April 2006 pages 257-336
    Emergency child care; Self-violence; and self-poisoning in Sri Lanka; AIDS in China, brand RED; TB in Russian prisons; Estimating mortality; Treating HIV-positive children with pneumonia; Scaling up treatment for HIV/AIDS in Malawi; World health report: action into words?
  • Number 3, March 2006 pages 161-256
    Special theme issue: Estimating Mortality;Counting the dead and determining how they died; HIV/AIDS deaths in Zimbabwe; Lessons from the Field: maternal mortality in Senegal; Public Health Classic: the origins of verbal autopsy; Mexico's quets for complete mortality data; Counting deaths in China; Bulletin interview: mortality data is essential for health
  • Number 2, February 2006 pages 81-160
    Need for continuous disease control efforts; Breastfeeding dilemma for HIV-positive mothers; Lao district health programmes; Public Health Classic: an holistic approach to health; Corruption report focuses on public health; Promise of HPV vaccine; WHO helps Turkey fight bird flu; Bulletin interview: history’s humbling lessons
  • Number 1, January 2006 pages 1-80
    Demand-driven evidence for policy-making; Congenital rubella syndrome in Myanmar; Child health in complex emergencies; Tuberculosis and Russian health systems; Why the poor are worst hit by disasters; Developing countries prodice new malaria drugs; WHO clinical trials initiative; Bulletin interview: communicating pandemic flu risks