Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Global Fund-supported programmes’ contribution to international targets and the Millennium Development Goals: an initial analysis

Ryuichi Komatsu, Daniel Low-Beer, Bernhard Schwartländer

Volume 85, Number 10, October 2007, 805-811

Table 1. Data quality assurance procedures for Global Fund grant assessments

Data quality procedure Timing
Assessment of M&E systems and capacity of programmes Beginning of the grant
Assessment of principal recipient’s management capacity Beginning of the grant
Independent Global Fund agent verifies programmatic data locally Two to four times per year in progress update report
Local representative of Global Fund performs “spot-check” on-site data verifications Once a year
Comprehensive review After 18 months of implementation
Joint partner data sharing (for ARV) Twice a year
Independent data quality audit toola At least once in the grant life-cycle

ARV, people on antiretroviral treatment; M&E, monitoring and evaluation.a This is being piloted and rolled out.

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