Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 85, Number 10, October 2007, 733-820


Poverty and human development; Maternal health; Why numbers count; In the news; Global Fund targets


Poverty and development
- Augustin Kwasi Fosu
doi: 10.2471/BLT.07.045955

The Safe Motherhood Initiative and beyond
- Monir Islam
doi: 10.2471/BLT.07.045963

Opening data to the world: why health numbers matter
- Sara Wood
doi: 10.2471/BLT.07.046649



Defeating dengue: a difficult task ahead

South African study highlights importance of research involving children

Saving mother’s lives in rural Indonesia

WHO News

The Global Fund expands its role


Huge poor–rich inequalities in maternity care: an international comparative study of maternity and child care in developing countries
- Tanja AJ Houweling et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.038588

Delivery settings and caesarean section rates in China
- Guo Sufang et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.035808

Magnesium sulfate is not used for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in Mexico and Thailand as much as it should be
- Pisake Lumbiganon et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.037911

Contraceptive injections by community health workers in Uganda: a nonrandomized community trial
- John Stanback et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.07.040162

Did the strategy of skilled attendance at birth reach the poor in Indonesia?
- Laurel Hatt et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.033472

Are skilled birth attendants really skilled? A measurement method, some disturbing results and a potential way forward
- Steven A Harvey et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.038455

Identifying barriers and facilitators towards implementing guidelines to reduce caesarean section rates in Quebec
- Nils Chaillet et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.039289

The Chilean infant mortality decline: improvement for whom? Socioeconomic and geographic inequalities in infant mortality, 1990–2005
- Alexander Warren Hertel-Fernandez et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.041848

Global Fund-supported programmes’ contribution to international targets and the Millennium Development Goals: an initial analysis
- Ryuichi Komatsu et al.
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.038315


A systematic review of inequalities in the use of maternal health care in developing countries: examining the scale of the problem and the importance of context
- Lale Say & Rosalind Raine
doi: 10.2471/BLT.06.035659


Addressing smoking cessation in tuberculosis control
- Nick K Schneider & Thomas E Novotny
doi: 10.2471/BLT.07.043794