Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 85, Number 3, March 2007, 161-244


Theme issue: health and foreign policy; Health and security; Migration and health; How does climate change affect public health?; Health impact assessment; Country case studies: Malaysia and Thailand


Foreign policy, trade and health: at the cutting edge of global health diplomacy
- Nick Drager & David P Fidler

Strengthening public health education and training to improve global health
- Ritu Sadana et al.



Medical visas mark growth of Indian medical tourism

Navy labs play public health role

WHO News

Health is a foreign policy concern

Recent news from WHO


Trade policy and health: from conflicting interests to policy coherence
- Chantal Blouin

The importance of militaries from developing countries in global infectious disease surveillance
- Jean-Paul Chretien et al.

Security, insecurity and health
- Robin Coupland

Foreign policy matters: a normative view of the G8 and population health
- Ronald Labonte & Ted Schrecker

Making G8 leaders deliver: an analysis of compliance and health commitments, 1996–2006
- John J Kirton et al.

Health and foreign policy: influences of migration and population mobility
- Douglas W MacPherson et al.

Bridging health and foreign policy: the role of health impact assessments
- Kelley Lee et al.

Health impact assessment, human rights and global public policy: a critical appraisal
- Alex Scott-Samuel & Eileen O’Keefe

Health and foreign policy in question: the case of humanitarian action
- Michel Thieren

Health imperatives in foreign policy: the case of Malaysia
- Simon Barraclough & Kai-Lit Phua


Global health diplomacy: the need for new perspectives, strategic approaches and skills in global health
- Ilona Kickbusch et al.

Health and security in foreign policy
- Rebecca Katz & Daniel A Singer

Global climate change: implications for international public health policy
- Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum et al.

The need for global planned mobilization of essential medicine: lessons from a massive Thai botulism outbreak
- K Ungchusak et al.

The value of a human rights perspective in health and foreign policy
- Mary Robinson

Reflections on the revolution in health and foreign policy
- David P Fidler