Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Volume 85: 2007

  • Number 12, December 2007 pages 901-980
    Special theme issue: public health education; Linking education and practice; In the news; Public health debate; Public health classic; Monitoring immunization; Transplant tourism; Pandemic plans; Diplomacy and health
  • Number 11, November 2007 pages 821-900
    Not another survey!: Mental health in emergencies; health in a changing climate; Interview: WHO and climate change; India's last bastion of Polio; Malaria; a century on: STROBE guidelines for observational studies
  • Number 10, October 2007 pages 733-820
    How to measure development and poverty; Inequalities in infant mortality in Chile; halting the spread of dengue fever in Venezuela; Caesarean section rates in China rise; Improving maternity care in Indonesia; Are skilled birth attendants really skilled? Interview: a new direction for the Global Fund
  • Number 9, September 2007 pages 649-732
    Developing a list of essential children’s medicines; Improving health financing to strengthen systems; Uganda’s response to Marburg fever outbreak; China joins WHO’s Global Clinical Trials Registry Platform; Meeting the health needs of Iraq’s displaced; Interview: improving clinical trial standards; Improving tuberculosis detection and treatment; Review of human papillomavirus vaccines, cervical screening;
  • Number 8, August 2007 pages 569-648
    New verbal autopsy standards; Making TB services affordable in Malawi; TB control in complex emergencies; Out-of-pocket health payments in Thailand; Child, newborn and maternal health planning; Resources needed to meet malaria goals; Barriers to HIV testing in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Number 7, July 2007 pages 501-568
    Changing men's behaviour to improve women's health; Malaria in WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region; How China reduced schistosomiasis in a lake region; Safe, low-cost method to fight lymphatic filariasis; How effective are global health partnerships?; AIDS patients lost to follow-up in Malawi; Tracking respiratory infections in Guatemala; Interview with Robert Ridley on why tropical diseases are a global concern
  • Number 6, June 2007 pages 421-500
    New International Health Regulations take effect; Need to set a baseline before measuring progress; Rwanda’s road safety transformation; Making rotavirus vaccines effective and affordable; Africa’s immunization successes; Lebanese offspring interviews for mortality surveys; Measuring schistosomiasis in China; Sociocultural factors and lymphatic filariasis
  • Number 5, May 2007 pages 325-420
    Special theme issue: Tuberculosis Control; Promising new tools for prevention, detection and cure; How reliable are the data?; The Global Drugs Facility; Barriers to completing treatment; Russian region reports progress; Public health classic: lessons from the past; Interview: Jorge Sampaio, UN special envoy to Stop TB
  • Number 4, April 2007 pages 245-324
    Web health info fails to reach five-sixths of the world; WHO to launch essential medicines list for children; Barriers to cervical cancer screening; Counting tsunami deaths in Aceh; HIV and breastfeeding in South Africa; The cost of the health-related MDGs; Global Health Histories and WHO’s 60th anniversary; Interview: Dr Abdel-Razzak Al Gezairy
  • Number 3, March 2007 pages 161-244
    Reflecting on health and foreign policy; Military partnerships can strengthen disease surveillance; “M” visas mark growth of Indian medical tourism; Emerging infectious diseases put migration in the spotlight; How does climate change affect public health?; Health impact assessments can aid foreign policy; Malaysia’s health diplomacy; Interview: Norway’s foreign affairs minister
  • Number 2, February 2007 pages 85-160
    Is unwanted fertility an inequity?: Output-based payment in public health centres; Resources for health research and development in Brazil; Polystyrene beads against bancroftian filariasis; Uninterrupted drug supplies in resource-poor settings
  • Number 1, January 2007 pages 1-84
    Leprosy research: the way forward; How to introduce the HPV vaccine?; Fighting commerce in human organs; A decade of grappling with bird flu; Failing to treat children's diarrhoea