Bulletin of the World Health Organization

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of safety and efficacy of combined praziquantel and artemether treatment for acute schistosomiasis japonica in China

Xun-Ya Hou, Donald P McManus, Darren J Gray, Julie Balen, Xin-Song Luo, Yong-Kang He, Magda Ellis, Gail M Williams, Yue-Sheng Li

Volume 86, Number 10, October 2008, 788-795

Table 1. Treatment regimens for patients categorized randomly into four groups

Group Artemether (day 0) Praziquantel (day 1) Praziquantel (days 1–6)
A 6 mg/kg 60 mg/kg
B Placebo 60 mg/kg
C 6 mg/kg 120 mg/kg
D Placebo 120 mg/kg
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