Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Effects of mutual health organizations on use of priority health-care services in urban and rural Mali: a case–control study

Lynne Miller Franco, François Pathé Diop, Clara R Burgert, Allison Gamble Kelley, Marty Makinen, Cheick Hamed Tidiane Simpara

Volume 86, Number 11, November 2008, 830-838

Table 5. Mean household cash income and estimated household annual expenditure in US dollars (US$) on MHO premiums and co-payments in areas served by MHOs, Mali, 2003–2004

Estimate in US$ Bla
Kemeni (US$ 458)a BlaVille (US$ 850)a Wayerma (US$ 1 359)a Bougoula (US$ 1 359)a
Annual expenditure on MHO premiums and co-payments per householdb,c
Based on current beneficiaries (% of household enrolled) 15.56 (43) 33.80 (62) 24.71 (79) 19.72 (67)
With entire household enrolled 36.31 54.22 31.12 29.34
MHO expenditures as percent of cash income
Based on current beneficiaries 3.4 4.0 1.8 1.5
With entire household enrolled 7.9 6.4 2.3 2.2
Actual health expenditure as percent of total cash consumption
Median 2.6 1.5
Mean 8.9 6.2

MHO, mutual health organization.a Figures in parentheses are estimated mean household cash income.b These expenditure estimates are lower than those in Table 5 because here costs related to care not covered by the MHO (such as self-care and hospitalization in all MHOs but BlaVille) are not included.c US$ 1 = 527 CFA francs at the time of the survey in 2004.

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