Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Development assistance for health: should policy-makers worry about its macroeconomic impact?

Eleonora Cavagnero, Christopher Lane, David B Evans, Guy Carrin

Volume 86, Number 11, November 2008, 864-870

Table 2. Descriptive statistics of risk factors for Dutch disease,a 63 aid-dependent countries

Statistic Increase in DAH 2004–2005 / 2002–2003 in % Aid volatilityb Ratio of foreign-exchange reserves to imports Consumer price inflation in % Financial depth: ratio of broad money to GDP
Mean 63.3 0.197 6.0 29.0 0.344
Median 23.9 0.175 5.0 6.2 0.277
Standard deviation 159.6 0.093 4.7 163.1 0.268
Countries with data available 62 63 55 61 57

DAH, development assistance to health; GDP, gross domestic product.aDutch disease is an economic phenomenon that can occur when the inflow of large amounts of foreign exchange leads to an increase in inflation and loss of international competitiveness, with an adverse impact on exports and economic growth.b Deviation of annual aid from its long-term trend using the Hodrick–Prescott filter.

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