Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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WHO 60th anniversary commemorative volume

This month’s cover of the Bulletin is of a classic public-health poster on smallpox eradication. In an interview, Dr Donald A Henderson (917–919) dispels some myths and talks frankly about his role as chief of WHO’s global smallpox eradication campaign.

Call for papers: Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan & Paul Van Look (911) call for submissions to a Bulletin theme issue on strengthening the linkages between HIV and sexual and reproductive health.

Haiti: Urgent attention needed

Macarthur Charles et al. (970–977) call for strategies to target the special needs of adolescents and youth infected with HIV.

Brazil & Mozambique: Preventing ‘brain drain’

In an editorial, Wilson Savino et al. (910) discuss how Mozambique is learning from Brazil’s experience in educating its scientists locally.

China: Great strides for village doctors

Cui Weiyuan (914–915) reports on how village doctors have dramatically improved access to health care in rural communities.

China: Bringing epilepsy out of the shadows

Wenzhi Wang et al. (964–969) examine the impact of a community-level intervention project aimed at reducing the treatment gap for people with epilepsy in rural China.

Japan: Medication or lifestyle factors?

Nayu Ikeda et al. (978–988) provide some explanations for the declining trend in mean systolic blood pressure across the adult population.

Afghanistan: Contracting health services in a post-conflict setting

Omid Ameli & William Newbrander (920–928) research the effect of various factors on predicting the cost of providing health services.

Viet Nam: Impact of a nationwide measles immunization campaign

Hitoshi Murakami et al. (948–955) show the effectiveness of a campaign approach for controlling measles.

Nigeria: Community-based hearing screening

BO Olusanya et al. (956–963) determine the feasibility of routine screening of the hearing of infants attending immunization clinics.

South Africa & Zambia: Outbreak of new virus contained

Claire Keeton (912–913) reports on how the South African authorities have contained the outbreak of a new type of arenavirus.

Zambia: Effects of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis

CJ Gill et al. (929–938) look at the microbiological consequences of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis for infants with perinatal HIV exposure.

History of our journal

Brigit Ramsingh (916) reports on the launch of the ‘new Bulletin’ in 1999.

More training needed

Mathieu Forster et al. (939–947) find that insufficient training in electronic medical databases is affecting antiretroviral therapy programmes.