Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Funding agencies in low- and middle-income countries: support for knowledge translation

Cynthia Cordero, Rachel Delino, L Jeyaseelan, Mary Ann Lansang, Juan M Lozano, Shuba Kumar, Socorro Moreno, Merle Pietersen, Jose Quirino, Visanu Thamlikitkul, Vivian A Welch, Jacqueline Tetroe, Aleida ter Kuile, Ian D Graham, Jeremy Grimshaw, Vic Neufeld, George Wells, Peter Tugwell

Volume 86, Number 7, July 2008, 524-534

Table 2. Semi-structured interview framework on knowledge translation activities

General Specific
Research governance • Overarching impact of legislative climate
• Mandate for knowledge translation
• Focus on disadvantaged

Mission statement mentions knowledge translation • Overall strategy for knowledge translation
• Future plans for knowledge translation
• Definition of knowledge translation
• Focus on disadvantaged

Resources allocated to knowledge translation activities • Funding and research training grants in knowledge translation, including special calls
• Policy on knowledge translation activities funded at the organization level
• Budget for knowledge translation activities
• Monitoring of knowledge translation activities
• Impact of budget cuts on knowledge translation, if a priority

Documents dealing with knowledge translation • Types and volume of materials produced
• Means of dissemination of documents
• Funder publishes monographs, executive summaries/fact sheets regarding research
• Web pages devoted to research results
• Focus on disadvantaged

Target audiences for knowledge translation activities • Means of communication in knowledge translation activities

Evaluation • Evaluation of impact of activities – efforts to monitor dissemination/impact
• Examples of impact of activities
• Examples affecting disadvantaged populations

Application form/procedure • Statements about knowledge translation in application form – requirement for activities as a condition of funding
• Partnership requirement between researcher and stakeholders
• Requirement to address relevance of study at application stage
• Lay summary requirements
• Dedicated budget items
• Policy for eligible expenditures
• Contractual requirements for knowledge translation

Funders’ expectations of researcher’s responsibility for dissemination and implementation Requirements for the researchers to engage in the following knowledge translation activities:
• final reports to funding agency – format and level of detail
• participation in workshops
• intellectual property rights, acknowledgement and attribution of funding sources, etc.

Knowledge translation facilitation by funders working with researchers • Funder has communication department to assist researchers (example of activities)
• Funder issues press releases regarding funded researchers
• Requirement to report back study outcomes
• Target audience for activities – who are they and how do they identify them
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