Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Funding agencies in low- and middle-income countries: support for knowledge translation

Cynthia Cordero, Rachel Delino, L Jeyaseelan, Mary Ann Lansang, Juan M Lozano, Shuba Kumar, Socorro Moreno, Merle Pietersen, Jose Quirino, Visanu Thamlikitkul, Vivian A Welch, Jacqueline Tetroe, Aleida ter Kuile, Ian D Graham, Jeremy Grimshaw, Vic Neufeld, George Wells, Peter Tugwell

Volume 86, Number 7, July 2008, 524-534

Table 7. Examples of innovative and promising knowledge translation activities (“gems”)

Agency “Gem” activity Category Description
DFID Increase incentives for researchers to engage in knowledge translation by addressing rules for university rankings that are based on publications Push Working with the Offices of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom to change the higher education funding system to increase recognition for knowledge translation by modifying the research assessment exercise (which rates universities according to what they publish in high-tech and high level journals)

Colciencias Cartoons for children on television with important research findings Communication Five-minute cartoons describing research results to children are produced by the agency along with the researchers involved; these cartoons are broadcast through a large private national television network twice a week (Saturday and Sunday) in schedules appropriate for children; 25 programmes were produced during the first season

IDRC Small grants available to move research into practice Funding opportunities “Windows of Opportunity” small grants available for teams to move research further into practice in specific environment

FAPESP Private sector and public partnerships for technology transfer Linkage/exchange In Brazil, partnerships between private enterprises and public agencies for funding basic research and developing technology based on that locally-conducted basic science

Department of Health, Philippines Creation of a knowledge translation bureau Linkage/exchange The Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau was created with a mandate to link research and policy

World Bank-Philippines Call for proposals addressed to the general public in the Filipino language Funding opportunities In the Philippines, requests for proposals are usually written in English and addressed to researchers

ICMR-India Establishing partnerships for improving the availability and access and decreasing cost of drugs needed for diseases of poverty Linkage/exchange E.g. TDR and Asta Medical (Germany) for a microbicide; WHO and Smith Kline Beecham for filariasis elimination strategy

Colciencias, Instituto Colombiano para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnología; DFID, Department for International Development (the United Kingdom); FAPESP, State of São Paulo Research Foundation; ICMR, Indian Council of Medical Research; IDRC, International Development Research Centre.

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