Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Estimating child mortality due to diarrhoea in developing countries

Cynthia Boschi-Pinto, Lana Velebit, Kenji Shibuya

Volume 86, Number 9, September 2008, 710-717

Table 3. Countries accounting for three-quarters of deaths due to diarrhoea in the developing regions of the world, 2004

Country WHO subregiona Deaths due to diarrhoea (thousands)
India SEAR D 535
Nigeria AFR D 175
Democratic Republic of the Congo AFR E 95
Ethiopia AFR E 86
Pakistan EMR D 77
China WPR B 74
Bangladesh SEAR D 69
Afghanistan EMR D 65
Indonesia SEAR B 39
Angola AFR D 34
Niger AFR D 33
Uganda AFR E 28
Myanmar SEAR D 26
United Republic of Tanzania AFR E 25
Mali AFR D 24

Total of 15 countries 1384

AFR, WHO African Region; AMR, WHO Region of the Americas; EMR, WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region; SEAR, WHO South-East Asia Region; WPR, Western Pacific Region.a WHO subregions are defined on the basis of levels of child and adult mortality: A, very low child and very low adult mortality; B, low child and low adult mortality; C, low child and high adult mortality; D, high child and high adult mortality; E, high child and very high adult mortality.

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