Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Delivering post-rape care services: Kenya’s experience in developing integrated services

N Kilonzo, SJ Theobald, E Nyamato, C Ajema, H Muchela, J Kibaru, E Rogena & M Taegtmeyer

Volume 87, Number 7, July 2009, 555-559

Table 1. Location and service delivery module for post-rape care services in Kenya

Service required Department responsible Service delivery location in district hospitals Predominant service delivery mode
Injuries management Casualty Horizontal
Legal documentation Examining medical officer Horizontal
Laboratory services (specimen analysis) National Reference Laboratories Local laboratory Horizontal
HIV testing National Laboratories/NASCOP Local laboratory Vertical
Emergency contraception Division of Reproductive Health Maternal and Child Health/Family Planning Horizontal
Counselling services (related to HIV) National AIDS and STI Control Programme Voluntary counselling and testing sites Vertical
Counselling services Mental Health Services Diagnostic counselling sites Horizontal
HIV PEP National AIDS and STI Control Programme HIV care clinics Vertical
STI prophylaxis National AIDS and STI Control Programme/ Division of Reproductive Health STI clinics Vertical/horizontala
Data and records management Ministry of Health Monitoring and Evaluation Unit District Health Records Information Office Integrated health management information system

NASCOP, National AIDS/STI Control Programme; PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis; STI, sexually transmitted infection.
a Since 2006 STI treatment has been conducted through a horizontal approach.

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