Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Trends in smoking and quitting in China from 1993 to 2003: National Health Service Survey data

Juncheng Qian, Min Cai, Jun Gao, Shenglan Tang, Ling Xu & Julia Alison Critchley

Volume 88, Number 10, October 2010, 769-776

Table 2. Past attempts to quit and intention to quit among current smokers, China, 2003

Area n No attempts, no intentiona No attempt but intending to quitb Quit but relapsedc
Total 39 904 62.1 7.9 15.8
Urban 10 200 65.3 6.9 17.3
Rural 29 704 61.1 8.2 15.3

a Not quit in last year and no intention to quit in the next 2 years.

b Not tried to quit in last year, but intending to in next 2 years.

c Relapsed quitters (have tried to quit but relapsed).

Data obtained from China's 2003 National Health Services Survey.

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