Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Availability and quality of cause-of-death data for estimating the global burden of injuries

Kavi Bhalla, James E Harrison, Saeid Shahraz, Lois A Fingerhut & on behalf of the Global Burden of Disease Injury Expert Group

Volume 88, Number 11, November 2010, 831-838C

Table 1. Categories of specified and partially specified external causes of death used to classify deaths due to injurya

Specified external causes of death Detailed category Code ICD-10 codeb ICD-9 codeb
Road injury Pedestrian 1 V01–V04, V06, V09 E811–825 (0.7 subsections only), E826–829 (0.0 subsections only)
Bicyclist 2 V10–V19 E810–825 (0.6 subsections only), E826–829 (0.1 subsections only)
Two-wheeler riderc 3 V20–V29 E810–825 (0.2 and 0.3 subsections only)
Three-wheeler occupantc 4 V30–V39
Car occupantd 5 V40–V49 E810–825 (0.0 and 0.1 subsections only)
Van occupantd 6 V50–V59
Truck occupantd 7 V60–V69
Bus occupantd 8 V70–V79
Other road injury 9 V80, V82–V85 E810–825 (0.4, 0.5 and 0.8 subsections only), E826–829 (0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.8 subsections only)
Rail transport injury Rail 10 V05, V81 E800–807, E810.7
Other transport injury Other transport 11 V86, V91, V93–V98 E831, E833–838, E843
Fall Fall 12 W00–W19 E880–886, E888, E929.3
Threats to breathing Drowning 13 V90, V92, W65–W74 E830, E832, E910
Other threats to breathing 14 W75–W84 E911–913
Fire Fire 15 X00–X19 E890–899, E924, E929.4
Mechanical force Firearm 16 W32–W34 E922
Sharp object 17 W25–W29, W45–W46 E920
Machinery 18 W24, W30–W31 E919
Poisoning Gas 19 X46–X47 E862, E867–869
Pesticide 20 X48 E863
Other poison 21 X40–X45, X49 E850–858, E860–861, E864–866, E929.2
Adverse effects of medical treatment Adverse effects of medical treatment 22 Y40–Y84, Y88 E870–879, E930–949
Animal contact Animal contact 23 W53–W59, X20–X27, X29 E905.0–E905.6, E905.8, E905.9, E906
Forces of nature Forces of nature 24 X30–X39 E900–904.9 (excluding E900.1 and E901.1), E907–909, E929.5
Other unintentional Other unintentional 25 W20–W23, W35–W44, W49–W52, W60–W64, W85–W99, X28, X50–X58 E840, E841, E842, E844–848, E900.1, E901.1, E902–904, E905.7, E914–918, E921, E923, E925–928.8, E929.8
Intentional, self-inflicted
Fall Fall 26 X80 E957
Threats to breathing Drowning 27 X71 E954
Other threats to breathing 28 X70 E953
Fire Fire 29 X76–X77 E958.1
Mechanical force Firearm 30 X72–X74 E955 (except E955.5)
Sharp object 31 X78 E956
Poisoning Gas 32 X67 E951–952
Pesticide 33 X68 E950.6
Other poison 34 X60–X66, X69 E950.0–950.5, E950.7–950.9
Other self-inflicted injury Other self-inflicted injury 35 X75, X79, X81–X83 E955.5, E958.0, E958.2–958.8
Intentional, interpersonal
Fall Fall 36 Y01 E968.1
Threats to breathing Drowning 37 X92 E964
Other threats to breathing 38 X91 E963
Fire Fire 39 X97–X98 E968.0
Mechanical force Firearm 40 X93–X95 E965.0–965.4, E968.6
Sharp object 41 X99 E966
Poisoning Gas 42 X88 E962.2
Pesticide 43 X87 NAe
Other poison 44 X85–X86, X89–X90 E961, E962.0, E962.1, E962.9
Other interpersonal injury Other interpersonal injury 45 X96, Y00, Y02–Y08 E960, E965.5–965.9, E967, E968.2–968.5, E968.7–968.8
Intentional, collective violence
Collective violence Collective violence 46 Y36 E979, E990–998
Intentional, legal intervention
Mechanical force Firearm 47 Y35.0 E970
Other legal intervention Other legal intervention 48 Y35.1–Y35.6 E971–975, E978
Partially specified external causes of death
Partially specified, undetermined intent, and unspecified cause
Road injury Unspecified unintentional road injury not including pedestrian or bicyclist 49 V87–V88 E810–825 (0.9 subsections only)
Unspecified unintentional road injury 50 V89, Y85.0 E826–829 (0.9 subsections only), E929.0
Transport injury Unspecified unintentional transport injury 51 V99, Y85.9 E929.1
Non-transport injury Unspecified unintentional non-transport injury 52 Y86 NA
Unintentional injury Unspecified unintentional injury 53 X59 E887, E928.9, E929.9
Self-inflicted injury Unspecified self-inflicted injury 54 X84, Y87.0 E958.9, E959
Interpersonal injury Unspecified interpersonal injury 55 Y09, Y87.1 E968.9, E969
Fall Undetermined intent – fall 56 Y30 E987
Drowning Undetermined intent – drowning 57 Y21 E984
Threats to breathing other than drowning Undetermined intent – threats to breathing other than drowning 58 Y20 E983
Fire Undetermined intent – fire 59 Y26–Y27 E988.1–988.2
Mechanical force Undetermined intent – firearm 60 Y22–Y24 E985.0–985.4, E985.6–985.7
Undetermined intent – sharp object 61 Y28 E986
Poisoning Undetermined intent – gas 62 Y17 E981–982
Undetermined intent – pesticide 63 Y18 E980.7
Undetermined intent – other poison 64 Y10–Y16, Y19 E980.0–980.6, E980.8, E980.9, E988.7
Other injury Undetermined intent – other 65 Y25, Y29, Y31–Y33 E985.5, E988.0, E988.3–988.6, E988.8
All injuries Undetermined intent – unspecified 66 Y34, Y87.2 E988.9, E989
Collective violence Sequelae of collective violence 67 Y89.1 E999
Legal intervention Unspecified legal intervention 68 Y35.7, Y89.0 E976–977
All injury Unspecified injury mechanism 69 Y89.9 NA

ICD, International classification of diseases and related health problems; NA, not applicable.

a These ICD-based definitions of external causes of death were developed by the injury expert group of the 2005 Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study.10

b There are also ICD codes outside the injury chapter that can include injury deaths. We used ICD-10 codes R95–R99 and ICD-9 codes 797–799 for the broadest unspecified cause-of-death category.

c ICD-9 does not distinguish between the riders and occupants of motorized two- and three-wheeler vehicles (i.e. codes 3 and 4).

d ICD-9 does not distinguish between occupants of different four-wheeled vehicles (codes 5–8).

e Poisoning due to pesticides is included with other poisoning in ICD-9 (code 44)

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