Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Achieving success with family planning in rural Afghanistan

Douglas Huber, Nika Saeedi & Abdul Khalil Samadi

Volume 88, Number 3, March 2010, 227-231

Table 1. Site information for the Accelerating Contraceptive Use project, Afghanistan

Nongovernmental organization Location CHW Health posts Households in health post catchment areas Sect Ethnicity of the majority of the population served
Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan and Bakhtar Development Foundation Tormay, Ghazni province 20 10 732 Shi’a Hazara
Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance Islam Qala, Herat province 15 10 840 Sunni and Shi’a Tajik, Pashtun and other
STEP Health and Development Organization Farza, Kabul province 30 15 2136 Sunni Pashtun
Total 65 35 3708

CHW, community health workers.

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