Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Structured approaches for the screening and diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis in a high prevalence region of South Africa

Mark Hatherill, Monique Hanslo, Tony Hawkridge, Francesca Little, Lesley Workman, Hassan Mahomed, Michele Tameris, Sizulu Moyo, Hennie Geldenhuys, Willem Hanekom, Lawrence Geiter & Gregory Hussey

Volume 88, Number 4, April 2010, 312-320

Table 5. Observed agreementa among five hierarchical structured approaches for diagnosing tuberculosis, South Africa, 2001–2006

System SATVI Osborne Stoltz–Donald Kibel Stegen– Toledo
SATVI 79.2 92.4 81.0 81.0
Osborne 0.48 72.5 85.9 77.7
Stoltz–Donald 0.80 0.40 76.5 78.9
Kibel 0.51 0.60 0.43 80.9
Stegen–Toledo 0.53 0.45 0.49 0.54

Κ, kappa statistic; SATVI, South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative.
a Observed percentage agreement for paired individual observations (n =1445) is above diagonal spaces; weighted Κ values are below diagonal spaces.

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