Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Scaling up syphilis testing in China: implementation beyond the clinic

Joseph D Tucker, Sarah J Hawkes, Yue-Pin Yin, Rosanna W Peeling, Myron S Cohen & Xiang-Sheng Chen

Volume 88, Number 6, June 2010, 452-457

Table 1. Comparison of traditional syphilis control efforts in China and non-traditional spatiotemporal approaches

Variable Traditional syphilis control (current Chinese policy) Spatiotemporal syphilis control
Key organizational unit Individual STI clinics STI clinics in cooperation with local public health bureaus
Optimal times to position syphilis screening No changes in syphilis based on time Rural-to-urban migration, marriage, pregnancy
Optimal places to position syphilis screening No specific locations for testing outside clinics Entertainment centres, venues frequented by MSM and related locales may be feasible
Partner notification and treatment Mentioned in guidelines, but not routinely implemented Potential for enhanced partner notification programmes in places/times with higher syphilis prevalence

MSM, men who have sex with men; STI, sexually transmitted infection

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