Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Under-registration of deaths in Thailand in 2005–2006: results of cross-matching data from two sources

Patama Vapattanawong & Pramote Prasartkul


To estimate the magnitude of under-registration of deaths, by age and sex, in Thailand.


The data in this study were derived from two sources: the Thai Survey of Population Changes (SPC) 2005–2006, a consecutive multi-round household survey conducted over a 12-month period, and Thailand’s vital registration records. SPC death entries for people of all ages were matched to 2005–2006 death records from vital registration. The principles of a dual records system were applied to estimate the magnitude of under-registration of deaths, classified by age and sex, using the Chandrasekaran-Deming formula.


Overall under-registration of deaths during 2005–2006 was 9.00% (95% confidence interval, CI: 8.95–9.05) for males and 8.36% (95% CI: 8.31–8.41) for females. For both males and females, under-registration decreased as age increased. Under-registration was greatest among people of either sex aged 1–4 years, whereas it was < 10% among people 60 years of age and older, both males and females.


These findings provided correction factors that can be used for adjusting mortality data from the registration system.