Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Food security in South Africa: a review of national surveys

Demetre Labadarios, Zandile June-Rose Mchiza, Nelia Patricia Steyn, Gerda Gericke, Eleni Maria Winifred Maunder, Yul Derek Davids & Whadi-ah Parker

Volume 89, Number 12, December 2011, 891-899

Table 2. Access to food as reflected in scores for food security, risk of hunger and experience of hunger (food insecurity)a using data from three national surveys, South Africa

Question NFCS 1999 (n = 2 735)
NFCS 2005 (n = 2 413)
SASAS 2008 (n = 1 150)
Food securityb 25 19.8 48
At risk of hungerc 23 27.9 25
Experiencing hungerd 52.3 52 25.9

NFCS, National Food Consumption Survey; SASAS, South African Social Attitudes Survey.

a On the Community Childhood Hunger Identification Project index.

b Defined as a negative response to all the questions.

c Defined as an affirmative response to up to four questions.

d Defined as an affirmative response to five questions or more.

Source: adapted from references 1113.