Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Lives saved by tuberculosis control and prospects for achieving the 2015 global target for reducing tuberculosis mortality

Philippe Glaziou, Katherine Floyd, Eline L Korenromp, Charalambos Sismanidis, Ana L Bierrenbach, Brian G Williams, Rifat Atun & Mario Raviglione

Volume 89, Number 8, August 2011, 573-582

Table 1. Countries with available vital registration (VR) dataa on tuberculosis (TB) mortality, by World Health Organization (WHO) region, 1991–2009

WHO region Countries with data on TB deaths from a VR system High-TB-burden countriesb with TB deaths from VR systems No. of countries in region
Africa 2c 0 46
Americas 28 1 44
Eastern Mediterranean 4 0 22
Europe 47 1 54
South-East Asia 0 0 11
Western Pacific 8 1 36
All 89 3 213

a Data from VR systems with at least 80% population coverage and less than 20% of all registered deaths attributed to ill-defined causes in any given year.

b The 22 high-burden countries, by WHO region, are: African Region – Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zimbabwe; Eastern Mediterranean Region – Afghanistan and Pakistan; European Region – Russian Federation; Region of the Americas – Brazil; South-East Asia Region – Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand; Western Pacific Region – Cambodia, China, Philippines, Viet Nam.

c South Africa was not included in this count despite the availability of TB mortality data from vital registers because many deaths from human immunodeficiency virus infection are miscoded as TB deaths.14 This precludes the meaningful use of such mortality data.

Source: Mathers CD et al.15