Bulletin of the World Health Organization

A point-of-care test for measles diagnosis: detection of measles-specific IgM antibodies and viral nucleic acid

Lenesha Warrener, Rimantas Slibinskas, Kaw Bing Chua, Wondatir Nigatu, Kevin E Brown, Kestutis Sasnauskas, Dhanraj Samuel & David Brown

Volume 89, Number 9, September 2011, 675-682

Table 2. Comparison of the results obtained for 282 oral fluid specimens with point-of-care test (POCT) for the detection of measles-specific IgM and with Microimmune measles-specific IgM capture enzyme immunoassay (EIA)

EIA result POCT result
Positive Negative
Positive 63 7 70
Equivocal 0 4 4
Negative 8 200 208
Total 71 211 282