Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Service availability and utilization and treatment gap for schizophrenic disorders: a survey in 50 low- and middle-income countries

Antonio Lora, Robert Kohn, Itzhak Levav, Ryan McBain, Jodi Morris & Shekhar Saxena

Volume 90, Number 1, January 2012, 47-54B

Table 4. Median utilization ratesa for different types of facilities, by World Bank country income classification

Country classification/facility type Facility utilization ratea Percentage of total utilization
Low-income (n = 11)
Outpatient facility 34.2 74
Mental hospital 4.0 10
General hospital 1.1 1
Lower-middle-income (n = 30)
Outpatient facility 104.3 82
Mental hospital 9.0 10
General hospital 3.9 5
Upper-middle-income (n = 9)
Outpatient facility 101.6 70
Mental hospital 23.7 19
General hospital 9.2 4
All (n = 50)
Outpatient facility 102 79
Mental hospital 9 10
General hospital 4 3

a Calculated as the number of people treated annually for schizophrenic disorders in each type of mental health facility divided by the total number of patients with schizophrenic disorders treated annually in all mental health facilities.

Note: The total percentage does not take into account that individuals may have received treatment at more than one type of treatment facility.