Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Availability of data for monitoring noncommunicable disease risk factors in India

Magdalena Z Raban, Rakhi Dandona & Lalit Dandona

Volume 90, Number 1, January 2012, 20-29

Table 2. National and multiple state surveys in India that completely or incompletely measured core behavioural and biological noncommunicable disease risk factor indicators recommended by the World Health Organization

Risk factor measurement Number of surveys by representativeness
National, representative of states or regions
National, nationally representative only
Multiple-state, representative
Multiple-state, non-representative
2000–2004 2005–2009 2000–2004 2005–2009 2000–2004 2005–2009 2000–2004 2005–2009
Complete measurement
Behavioural risk factors
     Tobacco use 1 1a
     Alcohol use -
     Diet 1a 2a 1a
     Physical inactivity 1a 2a 1a
Biological risk factors
     Body mass index (kg/m2) 1b 1a 1a,c 3c,d 4a,e
     Blood pressure 3a,c,e 3a -
     Fasting blood glucose 4e 1a
     Cholesterol 2 1a
Incomplete measurementf
Behavioural risk factors
     Tobacco use 1a 1 2a 4a,c 2d 1a
     Alcohol use 1a 2 1a 4c,d 2a
     Physical inactivity

a One survey is periodic.

b For females only.

c One survey in rural areas only.

d Two surveys are periodic.

e One survey in urban areas only.

f Incomplete measurement assessed only for behavioural risk factors, as biological risk factors are measured completely or not measured at all.