Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Eliminating the category II retreatment regimen from national tuberculosis programme guidelines: the Georgian experience

Jennifer Furin, Medea Gegia, Carole Mitnick, Michael Rich, Sonya Shin, Mercedes Becerra, Peter Drobac, Paul Farmer, Rocio Hurtado, J Keith Joseph, Salmaan Keshavjee & Iagor Kalandadze

Volume 90, Number 1, January 2012, 63-66

Table 1. Key steps in review of category II retreatment regimen in Georgia

Step Data Conclusion/recommendation
Programme review Outcomes poor Category II is inadequate therapy for the management of retreatment TB patients in Georgia
Drug susceptibility testing done on all patients, MDR-TB programme exists Georgia has sufficient resources to implement other strategies for patients
Consensus building Project led by National TB Program and thus consensus built rapidly Category II not relevant for any persons in Georgia; recommendation endorsed by providers
Evidence-based review with frank discussion
Implementation planning Improved diagnostics, ongoing treatment and monitoring Ongoing operational research

MDR-TB, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; TB, tuberculosis.