Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Practical measurement of affordability: an application to medicines

LM Niëns, E Van de Poel, A Cameron, M Ewen, R Laing & WBF Brouwer

Volume 90, Number 3, March 2012, 219-227

Table 1. Percentage of population impoverished or at risk of incurring catastrophic expenditure by purchasing treatment with lowest-priced generic equivalent of glibenclamide, by micro method using micro data for India and Indonesia

Country (source) Population (%) below PL before medicine purchase (Ipre)
Population (%) impoverished by medicine purchase (Ipost − Ipre)a
Catastrophic expenditure (Xcat)b
< US$ 1.25c PL < US$ 2.00c PL < US$ 1.25c PL < US$ 2.00c PL
Indonesia (WDI 2005) 28.8 61.7 5.8 3.7 65.9
India (WDI 2000) 53.0 80.4 5.1 1.9 78.6

Ipost, percentage of the population below the poverty line (PL) after expenditure; Ipre, percentage of the population below the PL before expenditure; WDI, world development indicators (World Bank); Xcat, percentage of the population at risk of incurring a catastrophic expenditure at a threshold of 5% of per capita household expenditures.

a Impoverishment method.

b Catastrophic expenditure method.

c Purchasing power parity United States dollars (2005).