Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Long-running telemedicine networks delivering humanitarian services: experience, performance and scientific output

Richard Wootton, Antoine Geissbuhler, Kamal Jethwani, Carrie Kovarik, Donald A Person, Anton Vladzymyrskyy, Paolo Zanaboni & Maria Zolfo

Volume 90, Number 5, May 2012, 341-347D

Table 1. Main purpose of long-running telemedicine networks delivering humanitarian services

Network Main purpose
Africa Teledermatology Project Teledermatology in Africa
ITM Telemedicine Advice for health-care workers treating HIV infection in Africa
Pacific Island Health Care Project (PIHCP) Second opinions for Pacific Islanders health-care providers
Partners Online Specialty Consultations Second opinions for rural clinics in Cambodia
RAFT Health staff education in French-speaking African countries
Swinfen Charitable Trust Second opinions for physicians in developing countries
Teletrauma Advice on trauma care advice in the Ukraine

HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; ITM, Institute of Tropical Medicine; RAFT, Réseau en Afrique Francophone pour la Télémédecine.