Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Supplementary polio immunization activities and prior use of routine immunization services in non-polio-endemic sub-Saharan Africa

Stephane Helleringer, Jemima A Frimpong, Jalaa Abdelwahab, Patrick Asuming, Hamadassalia Touré, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Thomas Abachie & Flavia Guidetti

Volume 90, Number 7, July 2012, 495-503

Table 2. Characteristics of polio supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) conducted in Benin between 2000 and 2006

Characteristic 2000 Benin; SIA coverage high among users and non-users of RI services 2005 Benin; SIA coverage high among users and low among non-users of RI services 2006 Benin ;SIA coverage high among users and low among non-users of RI services
Organizational attribute
Vaccine used Trivalent OPV Trivalent OPV Trivalent OPV
Time since previous polio SIA (months) 9 6 5
Human resource
Vaccinators (no.) 13 856 NA 14 573
Budgetary allocationa
Vaccines 24.6 33.9 33.1
Community mobilization 19.8 10.1 11.1
Planning, training 9.7 8.4 8.7
Transport 8.0 5.7 5.6
Other suppliesb 7.9 3.8 4.0
Monitoring, evaluation 3.0 3.7 3.9
Staff 27.1 34.4 33.6
Total SIA budget (PPP$)c 3 101 123 3 843 797 3 993 680

NA, not available; PPP$, purchasing power parity dollars; RI, routine immunization.

a Data are percentages of the total SIA budget.

b Include items associated with the cold chain, chalk used for house marking, indelible ink used for finger marking, gum boots and other waterproof gear for vaccinators and supplies (e.g. life vests and boat engines) required for reaching remote populations.

c The following exchange rates, from the Penn world table version 7,13 were used: 2000, 239.41 CFA francs per PPP$; 2005, 248.27 CFA francs per PPP$; 2006, 244.01 CFA francs per PPP$.

Sources: SIA implementation records and comprehensive budgets.