Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Effects of condom social marketing on condom use in developing countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 1990–2010

Michael D Sweat, Julie Denison, Caitlin Kennedy, Virginia Tedrow & Kevin O'Reilly

Volume 90, Number 8, August 2012, 613-622A

Table 3. Assessment of methodological rigour of studies on condom use

Study Cohort Control/ comparison group Pre–post design Participants randomly assigned to intervention Participants randomly selected for assessment Follow-up ≥ 80% Comparison groups equivalent at baseline
Sociodemographically In outcome measure
Agha et al., 200112 No Yes No No Yes NA NA NA
Lipovsek et al., 201013 No Yes No NA Yes NA NA NA
Meekers, 200014 No No Yes NA Yes NA No NA
Plautz & Meekers, 200715 No No Yes No Yes NA No NA
Van Rossem & Meekers, 200717 No Yesa No NA Yes NA NA NA
Van Rossem & Meekers, 200016 No Yes Yes No Yes NA No Yes

NA, not available.

a High versus low exposure to the same intervention.