Bulletin of the World Health Organization

A systematic review of Demographic and Health Surveys: data availability and utilization for research

Madeleine Short Fabic, YoonJoung Choi & Sandra Bird

Volume 90, Number 8, August 2012, 604-612

Table 1. Number of publications using Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data, by research topic and special study population, 1985–2010

Publications (n = 1 117) No.
Research topic
Fertility and family planning 289
Sexual behaviour and knowledge 81
Maternal health and mortality 123
Child health and mortality 305
Nutrition 141
Malaria 24
Gender 107
Poverty and equity 69
Adult health and mortality 45
Water and sanitation 6
Summary of single DHS survey 151
Survey and statistical methods 70
Special study population
Couples 19
Men 21
Neonates 20
Youth (aged 15–24 years) 32

AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus.

Note: Categories are not mutually exclusive.