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BBC World "Kill or Cure?": Buruli, the mystery ulcer

In 2006, BBC World "Kill or Cure?" presented a film on Buruli ulcer : a mystery illness which destroys skin, flesh and even bone when it strikes - Buruli ulcer can leave sufferers horribly disfigured. Scientists in Australia are working on research to find out how it occurs and why outbreaks are so localized.

This DVD comprises the 4 WHO documentaries below.

The mystery disease (Buruli ulcer)

This video takes a bold look at Buruli ulcer, a devastating skin disease that has emerged dramatically since the 1980s. The emergence of this disease is all the more dramatic in view of its severe physical, social, and psychological consequences.

The legacy of Buruli

This film summarizes the topics covered by the documentary entitled "The mystery disease".

Breaking the silence

This film delves into the many mysteries surrounding Buruli ulcer, a crippling skin disease that has emerged rapidly since the 1980s in several parts of the world... With scenes from Australia, Latin America, and Africa, the film explores the reasons why this disease remains shrouded in silence... It also demonstrates the many initiatives that are urgently under way to break this silence.

Buruli ulcer : Education is the key

This film has been produced to help communities affected by Buruli ulcer understand the disease and – most importantly – recognize early symptoms and report them immediately. Adopting a question-and-answer format, the film first takes viewers through the basic facts about the disease.